Subject:           Providing final in-field training to EMS providers needed to receive ALS Certification


I.        Discussion

There are 3 basic issues at hand:

A.     The County’s EMS system is in need of ALS providers. Calls that require ALS service are not receiving ALS care due to the lack of available ALS providers.

B.     The County’s EMS system has 16 career and 25+ volunteer ALS personnel that need to receive their final in-field training and be released to practice.

C.     Due to lack of volunteers, CARS is unable to adequately train new ALS personnel and is having difficultly covering County EMS calls. The situation has increased response times throughout the area. The Hollymead development area is especially impacted.

II.     Issues

A.     EMS Service level

1.      Response times

With the lack of EMS services, the Fire Rescue system is not able to meet the defined response times as outlined in the comprehensive plan. Response times are especially high in the Northern 29 corridor.

2.      Patient care

The system does not have an adequate number of ALS providers required to respond to urgent emergency medical calls nor is there an adequate means to complete ALS training.

B.     Timing

Target date for implementation of an option is August 1, 2004

C.     Legal

The Fire Rescue Department is required to have an ALS transport license granted by the Virginia Office of EMS (EMS) before staffing an ambulance. The Department is in the process of acquiring an ALS Transport license. Based on preliminary information from the OEMS, the license is expected to granted during the June 2004 period

D.     Fiscal Impact

Based on the option selected below, the annual fiscal impact ranges from $28,600 to $162,000.

III.   Alternatives:

A.     Option 1 – Hire 3 Fire fighter/ALS personnel and staff a CARS ambulance during the day time hours.

1.      EMS Service Level

·        Reduces response times in the Northern 29 corridor

·        Provides an additional ALS ambulance for the system

·        Provide a means to assess new ALS personnel

2.      Timing

·        The projected start date for staffing a Northern 29 corridor ambulance is August 1, 2004.

3.      Legal

·        The Department’s ALS Transport license is expected to be granted during the June 2004 period and therefore, would allow the Department to meet the August 1, 2004 target date.

4.      Fiscal

·        $162,000 Recurring costs & $13,000 in one-time costs to hire 3 Fire fighter/ALS personnel to staff an ambulance offered by CARS.

B.     Option 2 – Send ALS providers to Chesterfield County to be trained.

1.      EMS Service Level

·        Does not reduce response times or provide an additional ALS ambulance for the Northern 29 corridor

·        Does not provide a means to train new volunteer ALS providers

·        Provides a means to train new career ALS personnel, but Fire Rescue staff is not benefiting County citizens by practicing EMS skills in Chesterfield

2.      Timing

·        Chesterfield agreement - Immediate

·        The projected in service date for the Monticello ambulance is late Fall 2004.

3.      Legal

·        No immediate legal issues with the Chesterfield agreement.

4.      Fiscal

·        Estimated period to complete ALS assessment through Chesterfield is 2 years. Total 2 year expenses are estimated at approximately $57, 200.   


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