June 2, 2004




Larry Hawkins

1474 Running Deer Dr

Charlottesville, VA 22947


RE:       SP-04-052 Larry Hawkins Home Occupation (Sign # 63,65); Tax Map 94, Parcel 7B


Dear Mr. Hawkins:


The Albemarle County Planning Commission, at its meeting on May 4, 2004, by a vote of 6:0,  recommended approval of the above-noted petition to the Board of Supervisors.  Please note that this approval is subject to the following conditions:


1)       A storage shed or garage, not to exceed 1500 square feet shall be constructed for the purpose of storing all equipment and materials related to the approved use.

2)       All on site repair or maintenance of vehicles or equipment related to the approved use shall occur within the storage shed or garage.

3)       No outside storage of equipment, parts, mulch, inoperable vehicles, scrap or other construction materials shall be permitted. Any outdoor storage existing on the date of the approval of this permit by the Board of Supervisors' approval shall comply with this condition within 30 days of the Board of Supervisors' approval of this special use permit. .

4)       The new storage shed or garage shall meet the minimum yard requirements for commercial structures, found in Section 21.7.2 of the ordinance.  (No portion of any structure shall be located closer than 50 feet to any residential or rural areas district.)

5)       The storage shed or garage must meet the minimum landscaping and screening requirements for commercial and industrial uses, found in Section 32.7.9 of the ordinance.

6)       Before this permit may be used, the zoning administrator shall confirm that no junk is being stored on the property.


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Please be advised that the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors will review this petition and receive public comment at their meeting on June 9, 2004.  Any new or additional information regarding your application must be submitted to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors at least seven days prior to your scheduled hearing date.


If you should have any questions or comments regarding the above noted action, please do not hesitate to contact me (434) 296-5823.






Tarpley Gillespie

Senior Planner