Total Rewards -Developing A Strategy for Local Government


Leadership Council and the Board of Supervisors want to align the County’s system of rewards and performance with the County’s High Performance Organization (HPO) philosophy and goals.


What is HPO?

It is a model and change process that continually drives toward simultaneously delivering product, service quality, outstanding customer value, and sound financial performance based on team based continuous quality improvement, empowered staff, and shared decision making based on data.  HPO starts with a set of shared leadership philosophies, functions and guidelines applicable to all employees that enable people through a consultative/participatory approach to work performance and outcomes by continuously reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of our strategy, structure, and systems.  “Total Rewards” is part of the “system” supported by the overall HR/people systems related to attraction, compensation, reward, and retention. 


What are total rewards?

The things that keep you working here and motivate you--

·        Salary          · Benefits        · Work Experience   · Recognition


Why are we looking at total rewards?

Our current merit system and pay policies aren’t flexible enough.  We want to reward employees for great performance, give teams rewards for accomplishments, and be able to give different types of rewards, including non-monetary ones!


What is the process?

A team is working with Segal Consultants to find out about your perceptions of your salary and benefits and the performance management process, then will use that information to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.


            What is the timeframe?


Late Spring  

Ø      You and all other Albemarle County Local Government employees will get a survey so that we can find out how you feel about your pay, benefits, and career.


Ø      Segal Consultants will interview some employees to get additional information.


Ø      Based on the survey and interview data, the workteam will develop recommendations to better reward Albemarle County employees.


How can I get involved?

o       Complete the survey.

o        Talk to Total Rewards Workgroup members.



The Total Rewards Workgroup members are:


Roxanne White – County Executive’s Office          Joyce Robbins-Community member 

David Wyant-Board of Supervisors                         Kimberly Suyes-Human Resources

Dan Eggleston-Fire Department                             John Beta-Human Resources

Heather Welcher-Finance Department                  Wendy Roberman-Human Resources

John Shepherd-Zoning Department                       Lorna Gerome-Human Resources

Kathy Ralston-Social Services


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