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April 27, 2004


To: Ivy Community Association (ICA) Board Members

      Sally Thomas, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

      Karla Bower, Albemarle County Police Department


From: Brian Wheeler, ICA Secretary


RE:   Proposed speed zone for Morgantown Rd. in Ivy, VA


The Ivy Community Association conducted an e-mail poll on the proposed Morgantown Road speed zone using our e-mail mailing list (479 individual e-mail addresses subscribed).  I also asked the ICA Board for their opinion and I interviewed a Morgantown Road resident without e-mail.  The responses are below and, of those responding (about 7% of list), the community supports the change by an almost 4-1 margin.


Sally and Karla, the ICA Board formally reached a consensus to request this special speed zone be implemented in our Board meeting held March 26, 2004. Please consider this message and survey to be the formal request to do so

from our community association.  If we can provide any additional  information to expedite this change, please contact me.





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From: Brian Wheeler

Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2004 6:09 PM


Subject: [EyesOnIvy] Your opinion on Morgantown Rd. speed zone?


The Ivy Community Association (ICA) is continuing its work with the County of Albemarle and the Virginia Department of Transportation to make Morgantown Road safer. Our level of concern continues to be high as the police continue to issue many tickets for high rates of speed and we are hearing about impatient drivers illegally PASSING travelers obeying the

posted speed limits!


Since we have been unsuccessful in our effort to lower the speed limit to 25 MPH in front of Murray Elementary, we now have officials considering a special speed zone which would carry a fine of $200 for violations.  The ICA Board of Directors fully supports this approach and we want to get the pulse of the community to see if you would support this change.  Please reply to this message with any feedback.


Brian Wheeler


Ivy Community Association





AGREE (27)


1. "I am in agreement with the fine of $200 for speeding." 2. "I totally support anything we can do to slow people down.  I would suggest that it be posted very clearly that this is a special fine area for speeders, otherwise, the police will be collecting fines not slowing people down."

3. "I feel that this is a excellent idea."

4. "We would support this and almost any other effort to get people to slow down."

5. "I would definitely be in favor of a speed zone for all of Morgantown road or any portion thereof that we could get it."

6. "I would not have a problem with the speed zone."

7. "I AM in favor of this special speed zone, with a $200 fine for violators. Last week, I as I drove 25 miles per hour up Morgantown from the Toddsbury direction, I was passed by a driver who had to have been driving 35+ miles

per hour!  This is the second time I have experienced this!  It happened in front of the church.  Thanks!"

8. "I support this change."

9. "The traffic coming in the west end of Morgantown is also speeding significantly... I'd like to suggest that we reapproach closing off the west end of Morgantown.  That would, at least limit the truck traffic to the Tilman entrance, and it's not enough space for them to get going very fast. I'd like to see the police ticketing on the west end as well."

10. "...whatever goes !!  We just hope no one gets killed while drivers are in a hurry to get wherever."

11. "I have been one of the victims of having someone pass me not once but at least 2 other times I can recall on Morgantown Rd. I have also had cars follow me real close on my bumper honking their horns, and at night flashing

their highlights on me. There  have also been people after passing me yelling obscene and vulgar language out their windows. I am all for posting the fine of $200.00 on this road. This is a road where many  people travel and they will have to learn to treat it with respect. I have been living on Morgantown all my life and I see the traffic on 738 getting worse and worse.

You can't take walks like I used to in fear of someone running you down, I have to be very careful turning in and out of my driveway, and In the mornings  I have to constantly have my son wait at the top of my driveway for the school bus so a car wont run him down."

12. "I live right next to Murray, and people exceed the speed limit frequently.  I would fully support this measure, as well as any measure working to get large tractor-trailers to enter Morgantown on Tilman they fly down the road as well, and it is a danger to pedestrians, bicyclists, school children, and my cat!"

13. "As a parent of a child at Murray and a child at Millstone, I'm in favor  of the new fine."

14. "I still do not know how the County is going to approve the Faulconer Construction request...there is no way those oversized trucks will be able to fit on the road.  I was almost run off of Morgantown Road on Friday by one of their dump trucks towing a trailer. I would certainly support a  special speed zone."

15. "I live at the far western end of Morgantown Road, and speeding is a real problem on the long, straight sections between Dry Bridge Road and Route 250. (A far worse problem, I might add, than the occasional truck traffic.) I support the idea of a special speed zone, and I encourage any efforts to limit speeding on the entire length of Morgantown Road."

16. "We support the special speed zone."

17. "You've got my vote to get it lowered to 25mph along the entire length or any additional part you can succeed at."

18. "I think that sounds like a great idea. In addition to people passing slower drivers, I have also heard that younger drivers are "drag" racing down Morgantown. One car goes on 250 driving East while the other takes Morgantown Road and tries to beat him/her. I hear them zooming past my house frequently! I would love to get this end of Morgantown closed! At the very least can we get some Children Playing signs posted?"

19. "Excellent idea, especially since I almost got crunched (by a flying teenager) coming out of the Murray upper driveway last year."

20. "Right on right on."

21. "I agree." [Personal interview of Morgantown Road resident w/o e-mail]

22. to 27. Support of other Ivy Community Association Board members at 3/26/04 Board Meeting


Disagree or Alternative Idea (7)


1. "My only concern is that Murray teachers may end up with many of these fines....  $200 seems very steep to me despite the severity of the problem....  It's easy to hit 30-35 mph in front of the school before remembering to slow down; if I were socked with a $200 fine for going 30-35 mph, I'd be VERY upset (especially since I do make a concerted effort to

slow to 25 in front of the school). What about painting massive stripes and SLOW in gigantic letters on the street on the stretch in front of the school?  That, along with one of those electronic "Your speed is..." from time to time might make an impact...."

2. "I would like to see more enforcement of the speed limits on Morgantown Road.  Other cars have passed me twice while I am driving the speed limit. While walking on Morgantown Road, sometimes drivers will pass me going very

fast - and they smile and wave pleasantly.  Perhaps we need more and different ways to let people know about the reduced speed limits.  Do you think that Millstone and Virginia Murray would agree to mention this in their newsletters to parents?  Are there other groups or businesses that drive daily on Morgantown that we could contact?  Maybe we could all get bumper stickers that say, "I drive the speed limit on Morgantown Road.   This might discourage the frustrated passers."

3. "25 is too slow for that road.  I certainly agree during school start/end, the front of the school should be 25, with the flashing lights. But reality is, that road does not need to be 25. I am sorry for the people with children.  I keep my children away from the road, and that solves the problem."

4. "we would support this level of fine IF speeding occurs when the blinking lights are on, not for other times."

5. "I do not support the proposed increase in violation fee. I follow the speed limit and expect others to do the same, as I would in all places around the County.  I feel the real deterrent comes in the form of increased police supervision, not increased fines. Thanks for asking."

6. "My only objection would be that laws without enforcement will only diminish their deterrent value and encourage law breakers."

7. "I would not support this. With the size ticket, I would think the police would be out there all night trying to collect this size fee."



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