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Enhanced Speeding Fines on Morgantown Road




Approval of resolution requesting special speeding violation designation for Morgantown Road





Tucker, Foley, Davis, Cilimberg, Benish, Wade


AGENDA DATE:                      

May 12, 2004


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The residents of Morgantown Road have expressed concerns about speeding on Morgantown Road. The Virginia Code provides that VDOT may establish a special speeding violation designation that makes it a traffic infraction for speeding punishable by an enhanced fine of not more than $200 when the maximum speed limit is indicated by appropriately placed signs displaying both the maximum speed limit and the penalty for violations.    




3.1 Make the County a Safe and Healthy Community in which citizens feel secure to live, work and play.




The Community Development Department staff, VDOT and County Police have been working with the residents over the past several years to address the volume and speed of traffic on Morgantown Road. Many steps have been taken, including periodic selective speed enforcement, notices sent home with students from Virginia E. Murray Elementary School, reconfiguration of the western most intersection with Rt. 250, and attendance at neighborhood meetings to listen to concerns. Another step the County would like to undertake to help alleviate the speeding problem is to request that VDOT designate this roadway for enhanced speeding violation fines and to install signage alerting motorists there will be a fine of up to $200 for exceeding the established speed limit.  The Ivy Community Association supports this effort.


A location must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the enhanced maximum fine for speeding.


1. Identification of the neighborhood and specific location where signs will be installed.

2. Confirmation that the highway meets the definitions of local residential and collector streets as defined by VDOT.

3. Verification that a speeding problem exists.


Staff believes Morgantown Road meets all of the above criteria. To initiate this procedure, the County must request VDOT, by resolution, to designate the roadway for enhanced speeding violation fines and to install the appropriate signage required by Section 46.2-878.2 of the Code of Virginia. Staff will forward the resolution, if adopted, to the Resident Engineer with the supporting data. 




Staff recommends the Board of Supervisors adopt the attached resolution. 







WHEREAS, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors finds that a speeding problem exists on Morgantown Road (SR 738) and that it creates a potential hazard for the motorists and residents that live and work along that roadway; and



WHEREAS, the residents of Morgantown Road, the County, and the Virginia Department of Transportation have taken many steps to reduce the speeding problem but find that the speeding problem persists; and



WHEREAS, the residents of Morgantown Road have petitioned the County to request VDOT to designate Morgantown Road as a special speeding zone so that speeding violations are a traffic infraction punishable by an enhanced maximum fine of not more than $200.00;



NOW, THERE FORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors hereby requests that VDOT designate Morgantown Road to be a road subject to enhanced speeding violation fines pursuant to Virginia Code Section 46.2-878.2 and that it install appropriate signage on Morgantown Road designating the maximum speed limit and the enhanced penalty for exceeding the posted maximum speed on Morgantown Road.


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