WHEREAS,  the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Network was established in 1981 to obtain and efficiently distribute nutritious foods and other products to member agencies while developing programs and partnerships to help eliminate hunger.  Since its establishment the Food Bank has distributed over 86 million pounds of food throughout the service area; and


WHEREAS,    the Food Bank provides food for 18,000 different people each week; and


WHEREAS,    the Food Bank will distribute over 8 million pounds of food in 2003-04, equivalent to over 6 million meals, to citizens of Albemarle County, nine cities and twenty-four other counties; and


WHEREAS,    31 percent of the members of households served by the Food Bank are children under the age of 18, 19 percent are senior citizens, and 40 percent are the working poor; and


WHEREAS,   for every dollar donated, the Food Bank is able to distribute $17 worth of food, or $1 will provide a meal for a family of five; and


WHEREAS,   often people who find themselves in the position of need are forced to make choices between shelter, utilities, health care/medicine, transportation and food; and too frequently adequate nutritious food is the casualty of these choices;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Lindsay G. Dorrier, Jr., Chairman, on behalf of the Albemarle Board of   County Supervisors, do hereby designate  


                                                                JUNE 3, 2004  as


                                         NATIONAL HUNGER AWARENESS DAY


In Albemarle County and urge all our citizens to commit to increasing awareness and understanding of the faces of hunger, and commit to assist in eliminating it from our community


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