Revisions to Personnel Policies




Requesting approval of revisions to Personnel Policies P-02, P-63, P-88.  Delete P-64 (content included in P-63)



Tucker, White, Davis, Trank, Suyes, Roberman






June 2, 2004


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The Human Resources Department, assisted by the County Attorney's Office, has been reviewing the County's Personnel Policy Manual in order to update existing policies in a number of areas.  There are no substantive changes in these policies, they are simply clarifications of existing policies and changes to reflect commonality with existing School Board policies.  At this point, staff is proposing revisions to the following specific policies:  Employee Status (P-02), Retirement (P-63 & P-64) and Emergency Leave (P-88). 




4.1  Provide effective, responsive and courteous service to our customers.




P-02/Definition of Employee Status:  The definition of "classified employee" is revised to reflect the at-will status of County employees under Virginia law.  In addition, the term "regular" replaces "permanent" in the definitions section in order to clarify the status of County employees under state law.  Other changes reflect the different lengths of the workday applicable to public safety personnel and regular classified employees.


P-63/Retirement:  The amendments reflect several changes as follows:


1.  Policies P-63 and P-64 (both of which concern retirement) are combined into a single policy (policy P-64, which addresses certain retirement payments and payments upon death of County employees, is incorporated into the revised policy P-63 as a new section III).  In addition, the former requirement that years of service be continuous to receive the $200 per year payment has been eliminated. 


2.  The Regular Retirement provision in revised P-64 (section I) clarifies the requirements pertaining to eligibility of retiring County employees and Board members for coverage under the County's health insurance plan.


3.  Specific language is added in section II addressing the "Longevity Incentive Program" which has been in effect since the 1980's but which has never been formally incorporated into the retirement policy.  This program provides eligible part-time employees with an annuity based upon years of service as well as life insurance benefits.


4.  Section IV reflects changes to the Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Plan (VERIP) that have previously been adopted by the School Board relating to retirees who return to work with the County; clarifies the method by which benefits for part-time employees eligible to retire under VERIP are calculated; and clarifies that the retirement benefits are subject to modification and annual appropriations by the Board of Supervisors.


P-88: Changes have been made to clarify the limited nature of the Emergency Leave provision, in light of certain situations in which employees have been allowed to use emergency leave for non-emergency purposes.  The changes clarify that up to two (2) days per fiscal year may be utilized for urgent personal or other emergency situations, and that emergency leave is not to be used as a substitute or alternative to annual or other types of leave that may be more appropriate under the circumstances.




Staff recommends adoption of the attached Resolution, which will approve the proposed changes to personnel policies P-02, P-63, P-88 and the deletion of P-64.


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