April 28, 2004



Chuck Rotgin

Great Eastern Management

P O Box 4426

Charlottesville, VA 22905


RE:       ARB-2004-26 North Pointe

            Tax Map 32, Parcels 20, 20a, 20a1, 20a2, 20a3, 22b, 22k, 23; 23a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j; 29l


Dear Mr. Rotgin:


The Albemarle County Architectural Review Board, at its meeting on April 19, 2004, completed an advisory review for a rezoning and a special use permit for the above-referenced project.  The Board

by a vote of 4:1, forwarded the following recommendation to the Board of Supervisors:


The ARB cannot support the request for the rezoning and the special use permit based on the plan submitted.  However, if the Board of Supervisors chooses to approve the plan, it is recommended that

the plan not be approved until all of the changes listed below are made, because this proposal will have

a significant impact on the County image, and because the preference for development in the Entrance Corridors is appropriately designed buildings enhanced by landscaping. Expansive buildings with box footprints are overtly inconsistent with the character of the significant historic buildings of Albemarle County.


Regarding Architecture:

1.      Revise the footprints of Buildings #14 and 36 to establish a building form with human scale.

2.      Building walls facing the EC shall incorporate true windows with clear glass comprising no less than 20% of the faηade area.

3.      Reduce the size and revise the form of buildings that front the EC to establish a streetscape of compatible architecture.

4.      Revise the footprints of Buildings #14 and 36 to incorporate significant form and wall plane changes to eliminate the box character of the buildings.

5.      Walls shall not exceed 60’ in length without an inset or projection. The depth of the inset/projection shall be not less than 20’.

6.      Mechanical equipment, loading/service areas, and other similar features shall be placed on walls that have no visibility from the EC, or shall be integrated inside the building to eliminate visibility from the EC, with the entrance to the mechanical/service area treated with architectural elements to integrate it into the overall building.


Regarding Lighting:

7.      Lighting used for decorative effect and lighting used as signage shall be eliminated from the site and buildings, to the satisfaction of the ARB.

8.      Lighting levels throughout the site shall not exceed a maximum of 20 footcandles, with average levels not exceeding 10 footcandles, measured at ground level.

9.      All lights shall be full cutoff fixtures.



Regarding the Site and Grading:

10.     Preserve some of the existing trees and terrain along the EC and revise the placement of structures accordingly to establish a more coordinated streetscape.

11.     Slopes shall not exceed 2:1.

12.     Retaining walls located within 250’ of the EC right-of-way shall be no taller than 3’ in height.

         Retaining walls elsewhere shall not be characterized by excessive height.

13.     Retaining walls shall not be characterized by excessive length.

14.     Retaining walls for the lake and stormwater management areas will require appropriate treatments (materials, colors, stepped form, substantial landscaping, etc.), to the satisfaction of the ARB.

15.     Landscaping beyond the standard minimum EC requirements shall be provided throughout the site to the satisfaction of the ARB.

16.     In areas where existing wooded areas are not retained adjacent to the EC, provide a continuous planting area along the EC with a minimum width of 25’. Provide in the planting area a mix of shade, screening, and ornamental trees; and a mixed selection of shrubs with a planting height of 36”. The landscape area shall not be reduced to accommodate utilities (overhead or underground, proposed or existing), future road widening, or other site elements.

17.     Delete all rows of parking adjacent to the EC right-of-way.

18.     In addition to other standard landscape requirements, provide additional trees within the parking areas as follows: add a planting island, with 2 ½” caliper shade trees spaced 40’ on-center, the full length of all the first double rows of parking along the EC; alternating parking rows beyond the ones just described shall include a planting island the full length of the parking row, planted with shade trees at 2 ½” caliper spaced 40’ on center;  all other parking rows shall include one planting island for every 5 parking spaces, planted with at least one shade tree at 2 ½” caliper. This landscaping shall not be reduced to accommodate utilities or other site requirements or amenities.

19.     Provide more substantial landscape buffers along the perimeters of parking areas visible from the EC.

20.     Provide a continuous planting bed no less than 7’ in width and free of utilities, along walls visible from the EC for Buildings #5, 10, 14, 19, 30, 31, 32 and 36 without reducing landscape area along the EC or in the parking lot/travelways.

21.     The stormwater management facilities shall project the appearance of landscaped water features rather than maintenance areas. Such features shall be landscaped to achieve integration with the surrounding development.

22.     Depending on the final design of the proposal, a wider landscape buffer may be required along the EC to mitigate the design, especially considering the descending site. (Reference #16, above.)


You may submit your application for preliminary ARB review at your earliest convenience. Application forms, checklists and schedules are available on-line at www.albemarle.org/planning.


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If you have any questions concerning any of the above, please feel free to call me.








Margaret Maliszewski

Design Planner




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