Three Geographic Sectors: Recommendations

For purposes of the Master Plan, the Community of Crozet is considered as three geographic sectors in which future development and redevelopment projects are focused.  They are the downtown area, the area west of Crozet Avenue and the area east of Crozet Avenue.  Each area holds unique characteristics and challenges.  This section of the Guide identifies the priority implementation strategies for each area and outlines specific tasks required to carry out those strategies.  Chart A, Crozet Priorities (p. ___), organizes these strategies in visual form by geographic location and level of urgency, and includes additional actions that while also desirable rank lower in priority.


Initial development in the Downtown area should emphasize the completion of the sidewalk system (per the recommendations of the Crozet Downtown Sidewalk and Parking Study of 2001), placement of the new library on Crozet Avenue, and creation of the first two blocks of Main Street.  Specific recommendations and tasks identified in the Master Plan for downtown include the following:


1.              Adjust development boundary to encompass existing downtown area north of Route 240, and to allow mixed-use, infill development in support of downtown.

2.              Implement sidewalk plan (per Downtown Sidewalk and Parking Study).

3.              Construct the new library on the west side of Crozet Avenue near Mountainside.

4.              Convert current library (depot) to civic center function, perhaps as a museum.

5.              Construct Main Street by building the first segment from Crozet Avenue to the Barnes Lumber property.  (This will take trucks off “the Square.”)

6.              Develop guidelines for renovating historic structures and for new buildings (scale, materials, setbacks), and initiate establishment of a Historic District.

7.              Encourage development in blocks adjacent to downtown core.

8.              Create bike lanes to and in downtown.

9.              Create downtown community green at “the Square.”

10.           Develop signage for greenway trails.

11.           Create a pedestrian railroad crossing in downtown core (below or above grade).

12.           Explore alternatives to current underpass at Crozet Avenue.

13.           Explore opportunities for redevelopment of Con Agra and Acme as an extension of downtown.

14.           Reuse Historic Crozet Elementary School.  The former school could eventually serve as an Albemarle County satellite facility for county services, public meetings and other community uses.  If north downtown is included in an adjusted definition of the Development Area, it could be adaptively reused with some public and private residential functions in relation to the surrounding residential neighborhood.

15.           Continue construction of Main Street east from Crozet Avenue, including pocket parks in block development.

16.           As opportunities arise for redevelopment of the lumber yard, focus on a mixed-use form that emphasizes employment.


Crozet - West

Development in the area west of Crozet Avenue should emphasize neighborhood related road creation and other improvements.  Specific recommendations and tasks for Crozet-West include the following:


1.                    Encourage mixed use development in the center of the western area.

2.                    Protect Route 250 from further commercial development.

3.                    Implement improvements to Jarman’s Gap Road

4.                    Construct Western Avenue.

5.           Discourage improvements intended to increase capacity of Half Mile Branch Road in an effort to encourage use of Western Avenue.  (This does not apply to site distance and safety improvements.)

6.                    Encourage development of western area starting from the south up (from Route 250).

7.           Propose East-West Drive (with bridge across Slabtown Branch), and safety improvements to Meadows intersection with Route 240.

8.             Establish Western Park with public/private collaboration.

10.     Upgrade playing fields at Henley Middle School.

11.     Create frontage road for school (avoiding existing fields and working in conjunction with current improvements).


Crozet - East

Development for the area east of Crozet Avenue should focus on the construction of public amenities such as the school and parks in addition to the creation of roads and bridges.  Specific recommendations and tasks for Crozet-East include the following:


1.             Construct Eastern Avenue, Main Street, and primary neighborhood streets within the two or three major properties available for new development.

2.             Construct Lickinghole Bridge on a time-line appropriate to demand.

3.             Construct crossing of CSX tracks between Acme and Con Agra buildings (below or above grade options).

4.             Establish greenway trail (for pedestrians and bikes) from Lickinghole Creek Basin to Crozet Park and downtown.

5.             Construct new neighborhood elementary school on time-line appropriate to demand, in general location shown on plan.

6.             Explore and develop potential access points to Lickinghole Creek Basin.

7.             Establish Eastern Park with public/private collaboration.


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