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Request for increased compensation based on survey of other localities



Tucker, Foley






June 2, 2004


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During this year’s budget review, the Commonwealth’s Attorney requested that the Board of Supervisors consider a supplement to the State established salary for the position.  In addition, the Sheriff had submitted a request for the same consideration in his budget submittal.  After discussion, the Board directed staff to review compensation in other localities for the Commonwealth’s Attorney, Sheriff and Clerk of the Court and report back with the findings. 



Goal 4.1: Provide effective, responsive and courteous service to our customers.

Goal 4.2: Fund County services in a fair, efficient manner and improve needed public facilities and infrastructure.



The attached information includes data regarding the compensation provided by other localities throughout the State for Commonwealth’s Attorneys.  Each office agreed to conduct the research of other localities and provide that information to the County Executive’s Office for review.  The other two offices have not yet completed their research.  As the information on Commonwealth’s Attorneys indicates, a number of localities similar in population to Albemarle do provide a supplement to the State approved salary. 


Among all localities with a population between 70,000 and 110,000, the average supplement is $9,924.44.  In this population bracket, five localities supplement and four do not.  Establishing a benchmark group and including each locality from that group in the analysis, is similar to the method currently used for the review of other positions.  The County’s population falls roughly in the middle of this bracket and staff believes that these localities are the most comparable to Albemarle due to their size.  While another method could be used to determine the amount of a supplement, staff felt this approach was both reasonable and consistent with current practice.      


From the Board budget work session this spring, staff was unclear whether or not the Board intended to provide a supplement in the coming fiscal year or to simply prepare the information for the Board’s consideration in the FY 2005-06 budget process.  Because Mr. Camblos has already completed a survey of the other offices, he has requested that it be brought forward to the Board for consideration at this time.



Based on staff’s understanding of the Board’s intent to supplement the salary of Constitutional Officers’ and the data that has been collected, the Board of Supervisors may wish to consider a supplement to the Commonwealth’s Attorney of $9,925 effective July 1, 2004.  As the information enclosed indicates, the State is due to provide an additional $3,260 increase to the Commonwealth’s Attorney effective December 1, 2004.  Your approval of this consent agenda item would authorize this supplement and that the funding be taken from the Board reserve.


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