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Appropriation 2005001                                                                                             $614,600.00

Fund balance was utilized to meet the following seven items as part of the School Board’s Adopted Budget. While utilizing fund balance may not be the optimal funding stream for all of these items, the Board agreed that given the budgetary information at the time, that fund balance was a viable alternative to meet its goals.


1.       Bus Replacement ($250,000) – Discussion to utilize $250,000 in fund balance for FY 2004/05 and for FY 2005/06 to address a 2 year bubble in bus replacement was approved.

2.       Automated External Defibrillators ($6,600) – This initiative provides funding to purchase automated external defibrillators for each of the high schools as recommended by the Division’s Health Advisory Committee.

3.       Building Level Staff Development ($50,000) – This initiative provides funding to schools for professional development based on identified instructional needs. This funding replaces state funding that is no longer available.

4.       Computer Equipment Replacement Fund ($100,000) – Approximately 3,500 computers are currently deployed in the Division. Available capital funds are insufficient to maintain the Division’s infrastructure and replace computers on a four-year cycle. This initiative will begin to address this issue by providing funds to begin the implementation of an annual replacement cycle for approximately 800 computers.

5.       Building Services Contingency Fund ($100,000) – This initiative provides an emergency contingency fund that will allow Building Services to cover unexpected costs such as weather-related clean-up.

6.       Textbooks/Learning Resources Adoption ($100,000) – Projections for the purchase of textbooks and other instructional resources exceed the operational budget for this category. This would fully fund anticipated textbook costs for FY 2004/05, including maintenance, replacement, growth, and new adoptions for social studies and world languages.

7.       Strategic Planning Initiative ($8,000) – It is a School Board priority to complete a strategic planning process by the end of the next fiscal year. This amount reflects payment for consulting services associated with that process.


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