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Meadow Creek Parkway, Phase 1

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VDOT request for County concurrence with the Meadow Creek Parkway design presented at the Design Public Hearing.




Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Graham, Kelsey


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May 5, 2004


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ATTACHMENTS:    James Bryan Letter (4-13-2004)







On March 16, 2004 the Virginia Department of Transportation conducted a Design Public Hearing for the Meadow Creek Parkway located within the County of Albemarle and between Melbourne Road and Rio Road.  The purpose of the hearing was to determine the public’s opinion toward the overall design of the Parkway and obtain specific responses to a roundabout versus a conventional (signalized) intersection at Melbourne Road.  


According to the 13 April 2004 letter from Mr. James Bryan (see attached), the written public comments received at the hearing reflected opposition to the project.  However, the Meadow Creek Parkway is a component of a transportation network that is key to improving the overall transportation efficiency in the greater metropolitan area.  Therefore, the VDOT position is that the benefits of building the Parkway outweigh the negative impacts expressed by the public. 


In regard to the option of roundabout or a conventional (signalized) intersection at Melbourne Road, the public comments did not reflect a definitive preference.  Therefore, VDOT supports a signalized intersection as they believe it would provide better efficiency and safety for vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians and would better meet predicted future traffic volumes.   During the design hearing, residents of the neighborhoods adjacent to Melbourne Road expressed concern regarding the potential increase in cut-through traffic.  This was only briefly mentioned in the written comments, but discussions with the public at the meeting suggested that they believe there may be a third alternative.  Their suggestion was to grade separate the Parkway and Melbourne Road with no access provided to Melbourne Road.



Goal 3 - Enhance the Quality of Life for all Citizens.



The design hearing plans presented an alignment of the Meadow Creek Parkway consistent with the “Meadow Creek Parkway Final Report, dated May, 2001”, as incorporated into the Albemarle Comprehensive Plan.  The design of the Parkway and pedestrian/bike trail, and the proposed public land and public easement limits were generally consistent with the requests from the County of Albemarle.  The concerns that were not satisfactorily addressed at the design hearing were included in the attached resolution as conditions of the County’s endorsement of the design.  The option of grade separating the Parkway from Melbourne Road was not included in the design hearing plans, but it would seem prudent to request VDOT to evaluate this as a viable alternative and was added to the conditions.



Adopt a resolution endorsing the design of the Meadow Creek Parkway and pedestrian/bike trail, and the limits for proposed public land and public easement, as presented in the design public hearing with the conditions as stated in the attached resolution.


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