Intergovernmental Agreement on the Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court Facilities




Request approval of Intergovernmental Agreement between Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville on the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court expansion and renovation project.



Tucker, White, Trank






May 5, 2004


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The renovation and expansion project for the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court is about to begin with the move to temporary quarters at the Levy Opera House scheduled for June, demolition of existing structures in July and construction in August/September.  Attached for your approval is the proposed City of Charlottesville/County of Albemarle Intergovernmental Agreement for the funding, maintenance and parking garage operations. Also attached are four exhibits: Exhibit A: Levy Opera House Construction and Operations budget; Exhibit B: Court Cost Allocation Summary; Exhibit C: J &DR Development, Construction and Operations Budget; Exhibit D: Project Management Plan.  




Goal 4.2: “Fund County services in a fair, efficient manner and provide needed county public facilities and infrastructure”.




The Intergovernmental Agreement obligates both the County and the City to a shared responsibility for the construction and temporary relocation costs for the Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court expansion and renovation project, as well as the acquisition costs for the two adjacent High Street properties and the ongoing maintenance, repair and upkeep for the J & DR facilities.  The total Renovation, Expansion and Acquisition Costs for the $13.5 million project are shared between the City and County by agreed upon formulas as outlined in Exhibits A, B, C and D.


Exhibit A details $1.791 million in costs associated with the lease, alteration and operation of the Levy Opera House, which will provide temporary housing for current Juvenile Court occupants during construction.   The City has provided a seven months rent credit of $102,173 to the County to offset the City’s delay during the façade design phase. This credit is shown on Exhibit B.   


Exhibit B, dated September 25th, begins by breaking down the renovation and expansion costs for the facility of $10.3 million shared by the County and City. Renovation and expansion costs for the Juvenile Court facility are shared on a 50/50 basis by the City and County with the exception of the space allocated for the Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office, which is a 100% County expense. With 100% County funding of the Sheriff space, the total construction costs are shared 54% by the County and 46% by the City.   


Parking Deck construction costs of $2.6 million are allocated to the County and City on a 60/40 basis, respectively. The County’s share is calculated based on an agreed upon formula that allows for County and City parking spaces contributed to the overall project,  as well as future space usage between the City and County. 


The combined cost of the facility expansion and renovation, the 3-level parking garage and the Levy rental space is $13. 5 million, which is shared 54.56% and 45.44% by the County and City, respectively.    Based on this formula, the County’s share of the project is approximately $7.4 million and the City’s share is approximately $6.1 million. At the bottom of Exhibit B, you will see $1.6 million additional funding required in the County’s share, since the initial September 2002 project estimate. These additional project costs have been incorporated and funded in the FY05 CIP budget for the Juvenile Court project, which was approved by the Board in April.


Exhibit C outlines some of those changes in the construction project costs since the original September 2002 estimate. Of the $2.148 million dollar change, the largest increases were approximately $800,000 to add the 3rd parking deck, $400,000 for additional site work, $200,000 for asbestos abatement, $250,000 for higher property acquisition costs than anticipated and $300,000 in cost escalation estimates.  


Exhibit D is the Project Management Plan, which outlines the project responsibilities for the City and County during the construction phase. 




Staff recommends that the Board approve the attached “City of Charlottesville/County of Albemarle Intergovernmental Agreement Regarding the Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court Facilities” and authorize the County Executive to sign the Agreement on the County’s behalf.


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