Goodwill Sign Appeal



Appeal of ARB decision




Wayne Cilimberg, Margaret Maliszewski, Bob Tucker

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May 5, 2004


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ARB Review of Proposal: On March 15, 2004 the Architectural Review Board reviewed an application for a new wall sign (see Attachment A) to be installed on the southern wall of the building commonly known as the Authorized Auto Service building on the north side of Route 250 East in the Pantops area. The proposed sign consisted of internally illuminated channel letters with blue faces, gold trim caps and black returns, and measured 3’6” high x 25’ long. In keeping with the ARB’s practice of coordinating colors and sizes of signs with the buildings on which they are installed, the ARB voted unanimously (3:0) to approve the wall sign with the following conditions:

  1. The channel letter shall have blue faces, with bronze trim caps and returns.
  2. The channel letters shall not exceed 24” in height.

The applicant is appealing both conditions of approval. (See Attachment B for the ARB minutes, Attachment C for the ARB staff report, and Attachment D for the ARB Action Letter.)


ARB Guidelines: The original ARB design guidelines were adopted in 1990-91 and included some specific references to signs. In 1998 the ARB updated the sign sections of the guidelines. The ARB recently updated their sign guidelines. The updated draft is scheduled for a work session with the Board of Supervisors in June. Reviewing this proposal against the current draft of the revised guidelines would result in the same decision by the ARB.


Discussion: The purpose of ARB review is to ensure that new development in the Entrance Corridors is compatible with the historic architecture of the County and to promote orderly and attractive development. Signs can have a significant impact on the appearance of a commercial corridor. Inappropriately designed signs can create a disorganized, cluttered, unattractive corridor. Appropriately designed signs can enhance compatibility between signs and the sites on which they are located, the buildings on which they are installed, and with the overall character of the corridor in which they are situated. To achieve a balance of business identification with order and continuity throughout the EC, the ARB reviews for compatibility in sign type, size, and color – elements that help reduce visual clutter and distraction and that provide for coordinated appearances along the EC. The ARB imposed conditions on the Goodwill sign proposal to maintain color coordination and to establish compatibility of scale between the sign and the building.


Recommendation: The ARB recommends that the application, as presented, be denied. The ARB recommends approval of the application with the following conditions:

1.      The channel letter shall have blue faces, with bronze trim caps and returns.

2.      The channel letters shall not exceed 24” in height.



A – Illustrations showing proposed sign on front elevation at 42” and at 24”

B – Draft ARB minutes

C – ARB staff report

D – ARB Action Letter

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