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Appropriation 2004073                                                                                                                 $ 2,539,075.00

In September 2003 you were provided with an update on the cost associated with the first phase purchase/ renovations to the new COB South building.  This update provided an estimated total cost of $12,879,500 for the first phase which was $2,379,473 more than the $10.5 million borrowed for this project. The decision to proceed with full construction of the building was based on it being more cost effective to fully build out now with current interest rates and rental opportunities for the unused space, as well as avoiding the disruption which would be caused by future construction after the building was occupied.  This additional amount is based on the decision to include additional items in the first phase of renovations as follows:


-          Additional 24,000 square feet of renovated space in the first phase

-          Warehouse space on the second floor of the building to maximize usage

-          8,000 square feet of rental space for community agencies to generate revenue during the first 10 years

-          Evidence storage for the Police Department

-          Technology infrastructure


 Based on the actual construction contract it appears that we should be able to complete renovations within this estimate.


This appropriation request includes the additional $2,379,473 plus $159,602 to cover expenditures related to maintenance and operation of this facility since its purchase.  These expenditures relate primarily to utilities, snow removal, and insurance which were intended to be covered from the revenue generated from Wachovia’s temporary rental of the facility.  During FY03 and FY04 the County received $388,129 in rent and utility payments from Wachovia which were never appropriated to cover these expenditures.



Appropriation #2004074                                                                                                                   $ 183,308.87

At its March 25, 2004 meeting the Albemarle County School Board approved the following appropriations:


Western Albemarle High School and the Warrior Club received donations in the amount of $1,200.00.  

Gordon Latter donated $75.00, Gibson/Magerfield Corp. donated $100.00, David Oakland and Nancy Takahashi donated $100.00, Patricia Dangelo donated $50.00, Jeffrey and Peggy Bressler donated $25.00, Robert Rinehart donated $250.00, H.M and Kathryn Camisa-Ball III donated $25.00, Wm. Michael and Candace Maupin donated $25.00, Virginia Oil Company donated $50.00, and H.T. Feron Company donated $500.00.  These donations will be used to purchase weight room equipment for the new Weight/Wellness Room that is being constructed at the school.


Albemarle County Schools received donations in the amount of $3,150.00 for its "Making Connections" conference held on November 4, 2003.  AFLAC donated $100.00, Sprint donated $1,000.00, UVA donated $2,000.00 and Walton Mountain Software donated $50.00.   


The Virginia Department of Education Standards of Learning Technology Initiative guidelines state that in order to receive funding from the reimbursement of the VPSA School Technology Series II bonds, specific objectives must be met.    Albemarle County Schools has received $26,000.00 from the sale of the Series II bonds.  In addition, there is a local fund balance of $2,958.87 from FY02/03.  These funds will be used to secure adequate hardware for implementation of SOL instructional, remedial, and testing programs to support additional online testing in our high schools.


Each year Albemarle County Schools receives a Section 611 Flow Through Grant from the Virginia Department of Education.  These are federal funds that are disbursed to the states and the states in turn disburse these funds to the local school divisions.  The federal funds are used to address costs associated with delivering services to students with disabilities.  For the 2003-04 school year Albemarle County Schools received additional funding of $150,000.00 beyond what had been budgeted for FY03/04.  Of this additional funding, $75,000.00 will be used to purchase laptop computers for special education teachers, and since the School Board had already committed sufficient local funds to meet federal requirements, the additional $75,000.00 will be placed in the School Board Reserve account for future use.



Appropriation #2004075                                                                                                                      $ 43,150.00

Albemarle County has been awarded a Virginia Recreation and Trails Fund grant in the amount of $34,520.00 for the construction of a one mile trail from Free Bridge downstream to the Riverbend beach area.  The grant provides 80% of the estimated project cost of $43,150.00.  The 20% County match ($8,630.00) and any additional funding will be provided through funds already appropriated for the Rivanna Greenway in the Capital Improvement Program.



Appropriation #2004076                                                                                                                     $ 16,100.00

The Emergency Communication Center has been granted funds in the amount of $16,100.00 to assist the Emergency Services Office in purchasing equipment and training related to domestic preparedness for any kind of disaster.  CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team) has trained approximately 90 citizens in a variety of areas including disaster preparedness, fire safety, light search & rescue, and team organization.  There is no local match.



Appropriation #2004077                                                                                                                      $ 15,968.00

At its meeting on April 15, 2004, the Albemarle County School Board approved the following appropriations:


Western Albemarle High School and the Warrior Club received donations in the amount of $755.00.  Raymond and Helen McGrath donated $30.00, Albert and Lynn Connette donated $25.00, Dianne and James Vitt donated $25.00, Robert and Mary Webb donated $50.00, Gary and Elizabeth Cuccia donated $100.00, J. Clark and Camilla Diehl donated $100.00, Tim and Donna Tolson donated $50.00, Nancy McLaren and Philip Nieburg donated $50.00, Marc and Mary Dettmann donated $100.00, Cheyenne, Inc. Blue Ridge Market donated $25.00, and the Eagle Corporation donated $200.00.   These donations will be used to purchase weight room equipment for the new Weight/Wellness Room that is being constructed at the school.


Murray Elementary School received a matching donation in the amount of $5,000.00 from Bank of America.  The Bank of America Matching Gifts Program encourages Bank of America associates to contribute to non-profit organizations of their choice.  The Bank of America Foundation will match up to $5,000.00 annually per associate.  This program offers a way for associates to double their contributions to these organizations, thus improving the community.  The parent donation of $5,000.00 was approved at the February 12, 2004 School Board Meeting.  This donation will be used toward construction cost of an athletic track for the school.


Albemarle High School received donations in the amount of $4,050.00.  Clarke and Farmer, DDS donated $150.00, Wayne Homes Mid-Atlantic donated $150.00, Skeen & Zobrist donated $150.00, Norbuck Repair donated $200.00, Virginia Tile, Inc. donated $150.00, Charlottesville Bureau of Credits, Inc. donated $150.00, Burning Daylight Farms, Inc. donated $1,500.00, Blue Ridge Builders Supply, Inc. donated $150.00, Hill & Wood Funeral Service donated $250.00, SNB Inc A Cut Above donated $150.00, Craig Builders donated $150.00, Brown Automotive donated $150.00, Jeffrey and Mindy Prillaman donated $150.00, Critzer’s Cabinet Creations donated $150.00, Richard A. Oliva & Sons donated $450.00.  These donations will be used by the Choir Department at Albemarle High.


Federal funding for the Carl D. Perkins Vocational Grant was increased by $6,163.00 over the original budget estimate of $160,000.00.  These additional funds will be used to help purchase equipment for the high schools vocational labs.



Appropriation #2004078                                                                                                                       $ 7,000.00

The Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport is soliciting funds from the community for an Airport Grant Proposal from USDOT for $600,000.00 with a match from the airport ($40,000.00) and the community ($70,000.00).  The Airport is conducting several meetings with area city and county businesses to discuss this investment opportunity.  The grant proposal is to upgrade the existing air service at the Airport to a small jet service and/or a new service to the Chicago or Detroit Hub.  The University of Virginia and City of Charlottesville have already pledged $5,000.00 and $5,001.00 respectively.  Several businesses have also pledged various amounts. This appropriation, in the amount of $7,000.00, will be made from the General Fund Balance.


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