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2004 Annual Plan



COUNTY OF ALBEMARLE                                                                             VA036



Statement of Substantial Deviation/Modification to 5-year and Annual Plans



The County of Albemarle’s Office of Housing is designated and acts as a Public Housing Agency for the purpose of administering the Housing Choice Voucher Program.  The Office is responsible for preparing the required 5-year Plan and Annual Plans for submission to HUD.  Recommendations for revision to currently approved plans are made to a Housing Committee that is appointed by the County Board of Supervisors.  The Housing Committee comments are used in drafting the final proposed plan for public review and public hearing.  The public hearing is held at a Board of Supervisors’ meeting.


The Office defines any modification as significant if it affects all current voucher holders and/or applicants on the waiting list.  Such modifications would include changes in payment standard (ex. Adopting 110% FMR or changing waiting list organization).  Such changes have been made since the approval of the 5-year plan; however, the changes were made in conjunction with the approval of Annual Plans.


Every effort is made to implement any changes with the adoption of new plans rather than make significant changes during an approved plan year.  If significant modifications were necessary during implementation of an approved Plan, the same process would be used for local approval – review and recommendation by the Housing Committee and public hearing before the Board of Supervisors.





Waiting List

Albemarle County is proposing to add applicants to the waiting list using a lottery system when applications are accepted in the future.    All applications will be numbered as received and matching numbers will be drawn when the waiting list is closed.  Applications will then be separated by preference – one for the local residency/employment preference and the other for all others.


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