WHEREAS,     one in four girls and one in five boys will be sexually abused before the age of eighteen; and


WHEREAS,    in Virginia one out of every four women and one out of every eight men have been sexually assaulted in their lifetimes; and


WHEREAS,    The Sexual Assault Resource Agency has provided free, confidential help to over 800 women, children, and men hurting from sexual violence in 2003; and


WHEREAS,    this experience can be devastating for not only the survivor, but also for the family and friends of the survivor; and


WHEREAS,    it is imperative that our community support the healing and sense of connectedness for survivors; and


WHEREAS,    The Sexual Assault Resource Agency is a non-profit organization offering safety and support for survivors with diverse experiences and whose ultimate goal is to create safe communities free of sexual violence; and


WHEREAS,    The Sexual Assault Resource Agency will join the other 37 Sexual Assault Crisis Centers in Virginia and over 1000 crisis centers across the U.S. in public awareness efforts to generate understanding of the issues surrounding sexual assault; and


WHEREAS,    our community is dedicated to creating a society free of sexual violence;


NOW, THEREFORE,             I, Lindsay G. Dorrier, Jr., Chairman on behalf of the Albemarle Board of               County Supervisors, do hereby proclaim April as




and encourage community members to participate fully in the wide range of available events and activities. 


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