TO:                 Albemarle County Board of Supervisors


FROM:           Elaine K. Echols, AICP, Principal Planner


SUBJECT:     ZMA 02-009:  North Pointe Development

SP O2-072:  North Pointe Residential Uses


DATE:            March 31, 2004


* * * * *


On April 7, the Board will be receiving a presentation on CDA’s, led by the County Attorney’s office. 


Since the Board met on March 3, staff has been reviewing the Application Plan received March 9 in conjunction with proffers received March 18.  Comments will be provided on April 1 to the applicant on both the plan and the proffers.   Staff will continue to work with the applicant on both the substance and form of the proffers as well as the application plan, in anticipation of a public hearing on May 12.


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