AGENDA TITLE: ZMA-03-13 and SP-03-92 Glenwood Station rezoning from R-15 to PRD and special permit to allow office in a PRD.


SUBJECT/PROPOSAL/REQUEST Request to rezone Tax Map 91 Parcel 129F from R-15 to PRD, to allow reduced setbacks and office in the PRD.



Margaret Doherty


AGENDA DATE March 23, 2004











On October 15, 2003, the Board of Supervisors approved SP-03-49, the Glenwood Station special permit request for offices in the R-15 zoning district, with conditions (See Attachment A). In the course of completing the plans for development, the owner has found that he cannot subdivide the townhouse units, given the required R-15 setbacks. The application plan has not been changed from what was approved with SP-03-49, (see Attachment B).


If the parcel is rezoned, the special permit approval for office in R-15 will be invalidated, therefore, the applicant also requests a special permit to allow the office use in the proposed Planned Residential District.


Attachment C contains the locator map identifying the parcels in question. 




In a Planned Residential District, the structures on the perimeter of the development shall conform to the setbacks and yard regulations of the adjoining district. Within the development, the board of supervisors shall establish minimum setback and yard requirements during the rezoning process, as shown on the application plan. The office building setbacks were established with the previous special permit approval, and will remain in effect.  The proposed residential building setbacks are as follows: 8 foot front, 10 foot side (where sides yards exist) and 16 foot rear, as shown on the proffered application plan.  Staff finds the proposed setbacks acceptable.  They meet the PRD requirements, with the exception of the setback adjacent the property to the north, Aldersgate Methodist Church, which is zoned C-O, Commercial, which has an adjoining setback of 50 feet.  Pursuant to Section 8.2, if any regulation in the specific planned development district is found to be inconsistent with the planned development design principles, it may be waived.  Staff finds the proposed setback of 16 feet acceptable, given the existing conditions of a church use and parking immediately adjacent.


The special permit conditions will carry forward to the new special permit, with slight changes to reflect work that has occurred since the special permit was approved, namely the completion of the highway capacity manual analysis of the entrance on Rio Road.




Staff recommends approval of the rezoning request with the attached proffered application plan, entitled Glenwood Station/Place, dated December 22, 2003.


Staff recommends approval of the special permit request with the following conditions:


1.                    The site shall be developed in general accord with the application plan entitled, Glenwood Station/Place, dated December 22, 2003, with minor changes allowed to accommodate the required parking when approved by the Zoning Administrator;


2.                    Final elevations of the office buildings shall be reviewed and approved by the Director of Planning prior to final site plan approval to ensure consistency with the elevations provided herein, dated August 25, 2003;


3.                    The Applicant shall construct, in its entirety, a second commercial entrance to their property from the Mall Access Road in general accord with the concept plan entitled, Conceptual Development Plan Glenwood Station/Place, dated July 11, 2003.   Should the County Engineer decide in the future that, for reasons associated with new development on the Fashion Square Mall property, the entrance should be restricted, said entrance shall be converted, by the Applicant, present owner or owner's association into an emergency means of ingress/egress-only by way of installation of gates, bollards or other device. The connection shall be constructed prior to issuance of the 50th building permit.  Sidewalks shall be provided along the entire Mall Access Road frontage; and


4.                    The office buildings shall have a 30' front setback and a 10' parking setback from Rio Road, as well as  a 50' structure, 20' parking and 20' undisturbed buffer adjoining the Squire Hill development to the south; and




Attachment A SP-03-49 Action Letter

Attachment B Glenwood Station Application Plan

Attachment C Locator Maps

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