DOWNTOWN & CENTRAL Downtown Sidewalks   Retrofit and reuse of old elmentary school, north of downtown
New Library on the "Blue Goose" block Railroad Avenue Sidewalks St. George Street Sidewalks
Main Street construction from Crozet Avenue to Barnes Lumber    
Downtown Park at the Square Pedestrian railroad track crossing (over or under)  
Convert current library (depot) into a civic center    
Completion of Street Grid within "existing" neighborhoods south of downtown    
Completion of Street Grid along the new Main Street within the downtown core area Shared parking agreements within the new blocks  
Completion of new connector roads from "existing" neighborhoods south and southeast of downtown to Claudius Crozet Park and the new Main Street   Completion of interconnected street networks, parallel to Crozet Avenue
Shared parking agreements, Central Business District standards downtown   Parking Garage in lot behind Mountain Side Senior Living, on Carter Street
Continue construction of Main Street east from Crozet Avenue    
Carter Street Improvements Crozet Avenue Improvements from Jarman's Gap Road to Route 250  
Crozet Avenue Improvements from Three-Notched Road to Jarman's Gap Road Relocation of the lumber yard and redevelopment of the employment district for professional/high tech/office use  
Designation & marketing of the employment district    

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