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CPA 2003-07 Crozet Master Plan Comprehensive Plan Amendment



Amend the Land Use Plan section of the Albemarle County Comprehensive Plan by replacing the existing profile of the Crozet Community with new land use policies, guidelines, recommendations, goals and strategies for future development within the Crozet development area.



Tucker, Foley, Thomas, Echols, Cilimberg


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April 7, 2004


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The Renaissance Planning Group, technical consultants for the Crozet Master Plan, presented its final report to the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission on July 9, 2003.  At that time, the Board of Supervisors directed the Planning Commission to review the proposed plan and bring back its recommendation to the Board for amending the Comprehensive Plan to incorporate the Master Plan. In August the Planning Commission commenced a series of five informational work sessions, during which it reviewed content of the entire document.  In November, December and January (2004) the Commission continued its work by holding a series of five facilitated work sessions in which it identified and agreed upon specific revisions and modifications to the original document.


The Commission spent the majority of its time during its eight-month study period reviewing and editing the narrative, land use maps, design guidelines, and non-capital implementation priorities contained in the July 9, 2003 Master Plan final report. The proposed amendment was an outgrowth of the consultant’s recommended Master Plan for Crozet.  The Planning Commission took major sections of the consultant’s report, made some changes to it to “customize” it more for Crozet, then put it in “comprehensive plan language” for adoption into the Comprehensive Plan. Although their review was extensive, the Commission largely left specific discussion of funding needs related to implementation called for by the plan to the Board of Supervisors. 


A public hearing was held March 23, 2004 to receive public comment on the Planning Commission’s revisions to the original document.  After taking public comment, the Commission voted unanimously to recommend to the Board of Supervisors that the revised language be adopted as part of the Comprehensive Plan, with a request that priority be given to the funding for the infrastructure to support it. If adopted, the amendment would replace the existing section on Crozet in the Land Use portion of the Comprehensive Plan.  As with the rest of the Comprehensive Plan, the amendment would provide a guide for future land use development and public decision-making on service provision and infrastructure investment in Crozet.  It is not zoning and does not mandate specific actions, but it does provide the basis for desired initiatives and decisions affecting the Crozet Community.




2.1 Protect and/or preserve the County’s rural character; and, 3.3  Develop and implement policies that address the County’s growth and urbanization while continuing to enhance the factors that contribute to the quality of life in the County.




The purpose of the work session on April 7 is to decide on a process for the Board of Supervisor’s review of the proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment.  The Planning Commission’s recommended CPA language is attached, for reference only.  It is not intended that it be a part of the process discussion on April 7.


Staff believes that the process which will best enable the Board to review and address the Plan’s key issues for amendment into the Comprehensive Plan is as follows:


1.       Understanding the role of the Crozet Master Plan within the context of the Comprehensive Plan, Strategic Plan and other growth management policies adopted by the County.  The first work session covering this topic would involve a staff presentation and question and answers.


2.       Understanding how the plan itself is organized and what it says.  Important points are the organizing principles contained within the Master Plan from a ‘big picture’s standpoint, how the places of Hamlet, Neighborhood and Downtown hierarchy work together, and the recommendations for road and pedestrian connections, community facilities, neighborhood-scale commercial development, downtown revitalization, and increased employment opportunities.  The first worksession could be used to cover this topic as well, with a staff presentation and question and answers.


3.       Discussion of the critical elements of the plan and implementation measures set forth in the plan, specifically capital items and policy changes necessary to implement the plan. Key elements include the land use map, transportation and infrastructure, parks and greenways, and the costs, funding and timing of infrastructure.  After the first two topics noted above have been covered, one or more facilitated work sessions are recommended for this discussion. 


As recommended by the Planning Commission, the Comprehensive Plan amendment would provide the guide for initiatives and decision-making regarding Crozet.  It is envisioned that this ultimately would be accomplished through land use decisions, zoning text amendments, CIP programming, and general budget commitments.  Like the rest of the Comprehensive Plan, these initiatives and decisions will ultimately be determined by available resources and the deliberations of future Planning Commissions and Boards.




Based on the Commission’s work, staff suggests that the Board take these steps:


1.       Decide if it wishes to take additional public comment beyond that it will receive in its required public hearing.  If so, decide how, when and where this additional public input should be received.


2.       Affirm or modify the proposed process of review indicated in the section above and set the first work session date.



Susan Thomas Memo
Draft Crozet Community Profile
Crozet Priorities

Implementation Timeline (Facilities: Library, Schools and Parks)
Implementation Timeline (Services: Police and Fire/Rescue)
Implementation Timeline (Utilities: Water, Sewer and Solid Waste)
Implementation Timeline (Connections: Transportation and Trails)
Traffic charts
Traffic Forecast Maps

Green Infrastructure Map
Place-Type and Built Infrastructure Map
Table 1 - Master Matrix
Table 2- Land Use & Place Types Chart
Crozet Open Space Chart
Draft Street Design Criteria
Design Element - Thoroughfare Types


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