TO:                 Albemarle County Planning Commission

FROM:           Susan Thomas, AICP

Senior Planner

DATE:            March 23, 2004

RE:                 Public Hearing on Draft Crozet Community Profile, Comprehensive Plan

(CPA 2003-007)



The Renaissance Planning Group, technical consultants for the Crozet Master Plan, presented its final report to the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission on July 9, 2003.  At that time, the Board of Supervisors directed the Planning Commission to review the report and bring back its recommendation to the Board for amending the Comprehensive Plan, to incorporate the Master Plan. In August the Planning Commission commenced a series of five informational worksessions, during which it reviewed the entire document.  In November, December and January (2004) the Commission continued its work by holding a series of five facilitated worksessions in which it identified and agreed upon specific revisions and modifications to the original report.  The product of these facilitated session is included as an attachment to this memorandum.


Public Hearing

The Crozet Master Plan, as revised by the Planning Commission, is recommended to the Board of Supervisor as a Comprehensive Plan Amendment which would replace the current Crozet Community Profile in the Comprehensive Plan, Land Use Plan.  The recommended CPA includes the narrative portion of the original document, along with some but not all of the associated maps, charts, tables and drawings.  The Commission is recommending that the July 9, 2003 final report remain in its original form, reflecting the consultant’s work and the community process.  The array of charts, tables and drawings in the document will continue to be a valuable reference for guiding development in Crozet, although in the Commission’s view this full level of detail is not appropriate for adoption into the Comprehensive Plan.  In a technical sense, therefore, the July 9, 2003 final report itself will be a supplement to and not a part of the Comprehensive Plan.


The proposed revisions to the original document recommended for adoption into the Comprehensive Plan primarily involve the following areas:


  1. General editing to Sections I, II and III [narrative portion of the document] in conformance with accepted Comprehensive Plan language
  2. Clarification and some re-ordering of recommendations by three geographic sectors (Downtown, Crozet – West and Crozet – East) contained in Section I
  3. Editing to implementation strategy for land development contained in Section II
  4. Clarification and some re-ordering of priorities contained in Chart A, Crozet Priorities
  5. Clarification and some re-ordering of implementation tables to conform to sector recommendations
  6. Incorporation of the Built Infrastructure Map information into the Place Type and Site Development Guidelines Map
  7. Elimination of the Process Summary Map
  8. Identification of existing and proposed open space/park features on the Green Infrastructure Map
  9. Clarification/editing of provisions in Tables 1 and 2 (development guidelines)
  10. Qualification of the role of the Comprehensive Plan as a note on tables and maps



Comprehensive Plan Amendments, when adopted, are formatted consistent with the existing Comprehensive Plan, including page numbers and general organization.  For simplicity and convenience of review, the draft Crozet CPA is organized with the narrative presented first, followed by charts, maps, tables and other illustrations. The document will be re-formatted in final form when adopted by the Board of Supervisors.





Draft Crozet Community Profile
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