TO:                 Members, Board of Supervisors


FROM:           Amelia G. McCulley, Zoning Administrator


DATE:            March 18, 2004


RE:                 2003 Annual Report of the Board of Zoning Appeals



Please find the 2003 annual report of the Board of Zoning Appeals attached for your information.  This annual report has been expanded to provide additional information on the outcome of the variance and appeal hearings.


The number of variances received in 2003 decreased by 13, from 27 in 2002 to 14 in 2003.  Of the 14 applications, 8 were approved, 2 were denied, 2 were voided, 1 was withdrawn and 1 was deferred to 2004.  A total of 11 variances were heard by the Board.  The number of appeals in 2003 decreased by 6, from 10 in 2002 to 4 in 2003.  Of the 4 appeals, 2 were heard, 1 was withdrawn and 1 was deferred by the applicant for 1 year.   The Board upheld the Zoning Administrator on one of the appeals and modified the decision of the Zoning Administrator on the other appeal.


In the current year, the Zoning Administrator and the County Attorney's office plan to schedule some training with the BZA which will include case law from the Supreme Court.


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