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Appropriation 2004068                                                                                                                       $186,270.75

The following appropriations were approved at the School Board’s February 26, 2004 meeting:





Appropriation #2004070                                                                                                                   $ 71,000.00


This appropriation request recognized the $21,000 in grant revenues and requests an additional appropriation from the General Fund balance of $39,000 to provide for the one-half matching grant funds and the additional $18,000 to upgrade the AED’s to manual/automatic.



One of the new revisions now calls for battery operated suction units and various tools on all licensed EMS vehicles. Fire Rescue has a number of vehicles that respond to EMS calls upon request and therefore, would need to purchase the required equipment by the latter part of October.  This appropriation requests $11,000 from the General Fund Balance to purchase eleven suction units to comply with this new requirement.



Appropriation #2004071                                                                                                                 $     500.00

The Department of Motor Vehicles has awarded a grant in the amount of $500.00 to the Albemarle County Police Department to purchase child safety seats including booster seats.  This is in conjunction with child safety seat checkpoints and public awareness for the need to have children properly restrained in motor vehicles.  There is no local match.



Appropriation #2004072                                                                                                                  $  4,091.00

The following appropriations were approved at the School Board’s March 11, 2004 meeting:





·         During the previous year, several projects were bid and bids received were less than expected, thereby providing available funds to supplement other projects that are scheduled to be bid in the Spring, 2004.  These projects appear to be under-funded due to an increase in the scope of work, required regulatory changes and corrective air quality issues.  The following is a brief description of the projects that require additional funding:


·         Walton Middle School

The original scope of work included interior renovations and the addition of a strings room.  Based on the school’s request, with the endorsement of Building Services, the scope of the project has changed to be an HVAC Replacement project because of air quality concerns.  Implementing a reduced scope of work for interior renovations to accommodate the school’s needs in music and guidance will accommodate their needs until the other renovations can occur in three years.  The HVAC replacement was scheduled and approved for 2007; we are just changing the order of the year in which the projects occur.  The HVAC Replacement budget was $95,320 more than this year’s budget for interior renovations.  Therefore, we are requesting a transfer of $95,320 to the Walton Renovations account.


·         Henley Middle School

The original scope of work included a bus staging area that we thought could be accommodated in the front of the building.  After many options were evaluated, it became evident that in order to accommodate 39 buses, we would need to move the bus staging area to the back of the building.  This also necessitates additional remodeling to create a direct circulation pattern from the addition to the bus area.  Our current estimate is that it will take $287,000 to construct the new bus staging area with the necessary heavy-duty pavement.  Therefore, we are requesting a transfer of $287,000 to the Henley Renovations account.


·         Hollymead Gym

The original scope of the project included a 7,000 SF gym and an additional 800 SF for restrooms and support spaces. As the design evolved with the school committee, it became evident that additional items needed to be added to the project to make it a fully functional facility.  Those items have been identified as follows:

1.       Additional 3,000 SF – The connecting corridor from the building to the gym needed to be longer than anticipated, the PE Office, storage, and a small lobby needed to be accommodated, as well as a room for the PE equipment was needed.  This was an addition of 3,000 SF. 

2.       Additional Parking – Parking was needed along with parking lot lights. 

3.       Storm Water Retention - We will be required to upgrade the storm water retention and water quality aspect for the entire elementary site. 

4.       Our original budget was $100 per SF, and the current cost estimate indicates that it should be $110 per SF.  The following is a summary of additional costs:


Cost Escalation – 10,800 SF @ $10/SF


Additional Scope – 3,000 SF @ $110/SF


Parking, Storm Water, Etc

$  90,000

Total Transfer Request for Hollymead Gym



·         Stony Point HVAC Replacement

Persistent air quality difficulties necessitate that we replace the HVAC system in the original building and 4 classrooms in the west wing of the building.  This project was scheduled in 2010, but needs to move forward 6 years to insure that we can maintain an acceptable level of humidity in the area.  The budget for this project is $248,248.


The Monticello Addition bid was extremely competitive, and the project was moved forward but did not remove the inflation factor that was in place for the project.  We were hopeful that other projects would come in under budget and we could move the MHS auxiliary gym forward to next year.  Unfortunately, this has not happened.  As we have worked on the scope and cost of the auxiliary gym, wrestling room, and weight room, it became evident that sufficient, existing funding would not be available to move the project forward, and the money would be better used to adequately fund the four projects listed above.


The second year of enrollment reductions at Cale and Walton has emphasized to us the need to revisit the need for a new Southern Elementary school and to evaluate other options to accommodate the enrollment.  Therefore, the $40,000 budgeted in the CIP for site selection for the Southern Elementary is not needed for this year and available to transfer to another project.  Additionally, the Brownsville and Jouett projects are nearing completion and unused contingency funds are available for transfer.  The projects that will receive the transfers are included in the current, approved CIP. The funding level and the project dates have changed to better meet our needs.


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