Staff Person:                                                                                      Scott Clark

Planning Commission:                                                                       February 17, 2004

Board of Supervisors:                                                                        March 3,  2004


Batesville Agricultural-Forestal District Addition


The Batesville District was created on May 2, 1990. The District was last reviewed on April 19, 2000, and was renewed for a 10-year review period. Two additions have been proposed:

         Tax Map 71 Parcels 26B, 26B1, and 26B2 (82.75 acres owned by Mary Chapin Carpenter)

         Tax Map 71 Parcel 26C (23 acres owned by Carol M. Davis and Bettye S. Walsh)


Location:  The Batesville District is located near the community of Batesville.


Acreage: The Batesville District contains 712.4 acres in 22 parcels. The proposed additions contain 105.75 acres in 4 parcels. See Attachment B for the locations of the additions.


Agricultural and Forestal Significance: The Carpenter properties are largely wooded, with some pasture area. The Davis/Walsh property is almost entirely wooded.


Significant Land Not in Agricultural/Forestal Production: There are two dwellings on the Carpenter properties, and one on the Davis/Walsh property.


Land Use other than Agriculture and Forestry: Residential


Local Development Patterns and Needs: The Batesville area has many forested parcels, as well as farms (usually pasture), as well as some residential use.


Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations: The Batesville Agricultural/Forestal District and the proposed addition are located within the Rural Area of the Comprehensive Plan and are zoned RA, Rural Areas. The nearest Development Area to this proposed addition is the Crozet Community, which is approximately five miles north-northeast of the District.


A relevant Comprehensive Plan objective is "All decisions concerning the Rural Areas shall be made in the interest of the four major elements of the Rural Areas, with highest priority given to preserving agricultural and forestal activities rather than encouraging residential development." (Land Use Plan). A relevant strategy is, "Actively promote and support voluntary techniques such as agricultural/ forestal districts...." (Natural Resources and Cultural Assets Chapter)


The Open Space Plan shows this area to have important farmlands, forests, and stream valleys.


Environmental Benefits: Conservation of this area maintains the environmental integrity of the County and aids in the protection of ground and surface water, wildlife habitat, critical slopes, the historic landscape, and open space.


Staff Recommendation: Staff recommends approval of the additions to the Batesville District as proposed.


Committee Recommendation: At their meeting on December 15, 2003, the Agricultural/Forestal Districts Advisory Committee unanimously recommended approval of these additions to the Batesville district. At their meeting on February 17, 2004, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of these additions.




A.     Location Map Batesville Additions

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