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Six Year Secondary Road Plan Priority List- 2004-2010




Worksession on the Six Year Secondary Road Plan for 2004-2010 and  County’s Priority List for Road Improvements







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March 3, 2004


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The Board of Supervisors held a public hearing on the Six Year Secondary Road Plan Priority List- 2004-2010 on February 11, 2004. The Board requested staff to gather additional information regarding Heards Mountain Road (Rt. 633), Gilbert Station Road (Rt. 640), and Blenheim Road (Rt. 795).




3.1 Make the County a Safe and Healthy Community in which citizens feel secure to live, work and play.


3.3 Develop and implement policies that address the County’s growth and urbanization while continuing to enhance the factors that contribute to the quality of life in the County.




Heards Mountain Road (Rt. 633) – Heards Mountain Road is a proposed paving project. It is currently paved from Rt. 29 to 1.35 miles west of Rt. 29. The paving request in the Draft Six Year Secondary Road Plan is from 1.35 west of Rt. 29 to the Nelson County line, a distance of approximately 3 miles. VDOT has reevaluated this project and determined that it is not eligible for the rural rustic road program (RRRP). VDOT reached this determination due to the steep terrain east of Route 634. This project will have to be done as a regular paving project and VDOT preliminarily estimates it could cost over $1,000,000.


The project was originally listed to be paved from the Nelson County line to Rt. 634 (Heards Village), but the project had to be expanded because a paving project must connect to another paved section of roadway. Route 634 is unpaved and Route 633 is unpaved in Nelson County. Hence, the project was expanded from Route 634 to 1.35 miles west of Rt. 29 (where it is paved to Route 29).


This project had been scheduled to be the first pilot rural rustic road project in the County. Staff will now focus on Beam Road (Rt. 769) this summer or fall for the pilot program.


Gilbert Station Road (Rt. 640) – The Board of Supervisors requested staff to review additional information on the length of time this project has been on the Priority List as a paving project.  Gilbert Station Road has three different sections for paving on the Priority List.


According to County’s files, the following is when sections of Gilbert Station Road first appeared on the County’s Priority List:

From Rt. 784 to Rt. 20 = 1994

From Rt. 641 to Rt. 747= 1996 

From Rt. 747 to Rt. 784 = 2003



VDOT did not have records (petitions and/or right of way agreements) for any section of Gilbert Station Road.  Doctors Crossing Road (Rt. 784) first appeared on the Priority List in 1994.  Staff did locate one section of Route 640 that was placed on the Priority List in 1982. This section is from Rt. 20 to one (1) mile east of Rt. 20. This section was completed in October 1986.


Staff also researched the paving projects above Gilbert Station Road (from Rt. 641 to Rt. 747) on the County’s Priority List. There are two projects above this section of Gilbert Station Road; Mountain Vista Road (Rt. 737) and Secretary’s Road (Rt. 708), both of which first appeared in 1990.   


The County does not base road priorities on the length of time a project has been on the Priority List, but on the criteria set forth by the Board of Supervisors.  However, once a project is placed on the VDOT Six Year Construction Plan, these projects remain the high priority projects until completed. Typically, new projects will not move ahead of the projects on the VDOT Six Year Construction Plan, unless the existing projects cannot be completed.


Blenheim Road (Rt. 795) -   Staff investigated the historical significance of the cemetery on Rt. 795 and if there were alternatives to paving that could be utilized on this section of roadway.


Cemetery: Staff determined there is an African-American cemetery located in the Blenheim Road area that had not been previously surveyed by the Department of Historic Resources (DHR) nor evaluated for eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Please find attached the preliminary research conducted by the Planning Department.


Paving Alternative:  Jim Bryan will be present at the meeting to discuss alternatives to paving. Local VDOT representatives visited the road binding pilot program in Loudon County. 




Staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors approve the Six Year Secondary Road Plan Priority List- 2004-2010 after consideration of the above items.




County Draft Six Year Secondary Road Priority List          2004-2010        

Memo on Historical Significance of Cemetery


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