AGENDA TITLE: SP 03-81 Crozet Commons Special Use Permit Amendment



Request to reapprove a residential use in a commercial zoning district in accordance with Section and 18- 2.1.3. of the Zoning Ordinance which allow for residential uses in a commercial zone. The property, described as Tax Map 56A2 Parcel 1-31, contains 1.37 acres, and is located in the White Hall Magisterial District on Three Notch'd Road [Route # 240] approximately 1.2 miles from the intersection of Rt. 240 and Rt. 250. The property is zoned C-1 commercial in the Community of Crozet.



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February 17, 2004


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Recommend approval of

Special use permit with




March 3, 2004


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BACKGROUND: On June 21, 2000, the Board of Supervisors approved SP 00-01 Crozet Commons for this proposed mixed-use development.  Crozet Commons proposes commercial and residential uses on C-1 zoned property in Crozet.  A special use permit expires if construction has not begun within 24 months of approval by the Board of Supervisors.  The special use permit expired on June 21, 2002 and the applicant has requested that the special use permit be approved again with the same conditions.  Attachment A shows the concept plan.  Attachment B shows a black and white version of the rendering showing scale, form and massing envisioned for the development.  Attachment C contains Section 22 of the Zoning Ordinance which indicates permitted uses in the C-1 zone.


DISCUSSION: No change in condition has occurred since June 21, 2000 which would impact this special use permit request with one exception.  Through a comprehensive plan amendment, the Community of Crozet Development Area has been expanded to include this property.  The use is now supported by the Comprehensive Plan.


A new concept plan was provided for this special use permit which is essentially the same as the previous special use permit.  The only changes are with stormwater management. Information.  The parking schedule shown on the concept plan indicates how parking could be accommodated by particular uses in the individual buildings.  Actual parking requirements will be determined at the site plan stage at which time, if necessary, the applicant may request approval of a shared parking arrangement.  At present, fire flow is not available for the use; however, a water line replacement is scheduled to begin this Spring which should resolve the problem.  Staff does not anticipate a request for site plan approval prior to the water line replacement.


RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends that the same conditions approved with SP 00-01 be approved, changing only the date of the concept plan.


1.       Residential uses shall be allowed in a mixed-use development as generally shown on the concept plan entitled, “Crozet Commons Concept Plan” dated 2/3/04.


2.       In keeping with the illustration entitled “Crozet Commons (color rendering)” dated 3/22/00, the following features of the development will be provided: 


  1. a sidewalk and street trees shall be provided across the public road frontage.
  2. a “downtown” type streetscape shall be provided that includes the scale and alignment of building shown in the illustration.


3.       A maximum of 10 dwelling units shall be allowed in the mixed-use development.


4.       Residential uses may be mixed with other C-1 uses within buildings or may be in separate buildings.


5.       If residential uses are mixed with other C-1 uses within a building; there shall be no commercial uses on floors above residential uses other than home occupations.


6.       The following uses shall not be allowed on the parcel because of incompatibilities between residential and nonresidential uses (See Section 22 of Albemarle County Zoning Ordinance in effect on 2/17/04, attached):


a.   funeral homes

b.   movie theaters

c.   automobile service stations

d.   fire and rescue stations

e.   automobile truck repair shop

f.     medical center


7.       A medical office may be allowed provided the office hours are between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.


8.       A convenience store may be allowed provided the hours of operation are between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.


9.       Interparcel vehicular and pedestrian access to the adjoining parcels shall be provided at locations shown on the conceptual plan or otherwise approved by the director of planning within the department of community development.


10.   A condominium regime will be established for unified ownership and maintenance of the real property.


11. The concept plan referenced in these conditions is not considered a “site plan” meeting the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance; therefore, a subsequent site plan is required.


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