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Proposed FY 2004 Budget Amendment



Public Hearing on the Proposed FY 2004 Budget Amendment in the amount of $936,984.75 and request approval of amendment and of Appropriations #2004057, 2004059, 2004060, 2004061, 2004062, 2004063, 2004064,  2004065, 2004066, and 2004067 to provide funding for various General Government and School programs.



Messrs. Tucker, Breeden, Ms. White


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March 3, 2004


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The Code of Virginia §15.2-2507 stipulates that any locality may amend its budget to adjust the aggregate amount to be appropriated during the current fiscal year as shown in the currently adopted budget.  However, any such amendment which exceeds one percent of the total expenditures shown in the currently adopted budget or the sum of $500,000, whichever is lesser, must be accomplished by first publishing a notice of a meeting and holding a public hearing before amending the budget.  The Code section applies to all County funds, i.e., General Fund, Capital Funds, E-911, School Self-Sustaining, etc.



4.2     Fund County services in a fair, efficient manner and provide needed public facilities and infrastructure.



The proposed increase of this FY 2004 Budget Amendment totals $936,984.75.  The estimated expenses and revenues included in the proposed amendment are shown below:




                   General Fund                                                     $      117,973.07

                   Local Government Programs/Grants                    $      523,776.00

                   Education Fund                                                 $        25,280.91

                   Education Programs/Grants                                $      128,023.14

                   Capital Improvement Program                              $      104,450.00

                   Emergency Communications Center                    $        37,481.63


       TOTAL ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES – All Funds                                              $      936,984.75




                   Local Revenues                                                 $        65,730.91

                   State Revenues                                                 $      170,492.30

                   Federal Revenues                                              $      611,797.59

                   Fund Balances                                                                          $        88,963.95


       TOTAL ESTIMATED REVENUES – All Funds                                                     $     936,984.75


This budget amendment is comprised of twenty-two (22) separate appropriations, twelve (12) of which have already been approved by the Board as indicated below:


Approved December 10, 2003:

·         One appropriation (#2004051) in the amount of $97,700.00 funding the DEQ Red Hill Water System study.


Approved January 7, 2004:

·         One appropriation (#2004046) in the amount of $25,679.00 for a Homeland Security Grant and to fund an insurance deductible;

·         Two appropriations (#2004047 and #2004052) for Education programs and grants totaling $116,724.14;

·         Six appropriations (#2004048,  #2004049, #2004053, #2004054, #2004055, and #2004056), totaling $165,125.00 for grants to the Police Department; and

·         One appropriation (#2004050) providing $48,623.00 in funding for Social Services “Keep ‘em Covered” grant.


Approved February 4, 2004:

·         One appropriation (#2004058) for the Democratic Presidential Primary totaling $34,940.00.


The ten (10) new appropriations are as follows:


·        Two appropriations (#2004057 and #2004062) for grant awards to the Police and Fire Rescue Departments totaling $297,028.00;

·         One appropriation (#2004059) totaling $43,552.04 allocating additional fire program and two-for life funds to the volunteer fire departments and rescue squads and providing additional funding for the volunteer’s building insurance.

·         Three appropriations (#2004060, #2004063, and #2004067) for Education programs and grants totaling $43,329.91;

·         One appropriation (#2004061) totaling $13,000.00 to provide matching funds for construction at Camp Springs;

·         Two appropriations (#2004064 and #2004065) in the amount of $40,970.22 allocating funding received as reimbursement for Hurricane Isabel expenses to ECC and Solid Waste/Recycling.

·         One appropriation (#2004066) in the amount of $10,313.44 providing funding for back overtime wages due to certain Fire/Rescue employees.


A detailed description of these requests is provided on Attachment A.




Staff recommends approval of the FY 2004 Budget Amendment in the amount of $936,984.75, after the public hearing, and then approval of Appropriations #2004057, #2004059, #2004060, #2004061, #2004062, #2004063, #2004064, #2004065, #2004066, and #2004067 to provide funds for various General Government and School programs as described in Attachment A.


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