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Six Year Secondary Road Plan Priority List- 2004-2010




Public hearing on the Six Year Secondary Road Plan for 2004-2010 and County’s Priority List for Road Improvements





Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Cilimberg, Benish, Wade


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February 11, 2004


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At its January 7, 2004 work session on the County’s Priority List for Road Improvements and VDOT’s Six Secondary Road Construction Program (or “Six year Plan") for 2004-2010, the Board of Supervisors scheduled the public hearing to receive public comment on the proposed plan.  The Board also requested staff to address issues regarding several road projects. These projects include the Meadow Creek Parkway Phase II (rename, consider a lower priority, and the scope of the project), the Southern Parkway and Georgetown Road (consider both for a higher priority), and West Leigh and Corville Farm Roads (delete from priority list, if completed). 



3.1 Make the County a Safe and Healthy Community in which citizens feel secure to live, work and play.

3.3 Develop and implement policies that address the County’s growth and urbanization while continuing to enhance the factors that contribute to the quality of life in the County.



Meadow Creek Parkway Phase II - The Charlottesville Albemarle Area Transportation Study (CHART) Citizen Advisory Committee has renamed the road to Northern Free State Road. The Meadow Creek Parkway Phase II will now be referred to as Northern Free State Road unless otherwise directed by the Board of Supervisors. At the work session, the Board discussed lowering the priority of this project and studying alternatives to the concept for Meadow Creek Parkway Phase II as it has been historically proposed.  At its meeting on February 3, 2004, the MPO Technical Committee recommended that the CHART Study indicate that the Northern Free State Road be studied together with the study of the Eastern Connector Road, since there are distinct relationships and impacts linking these two roads.


At this time, staff does not recommend that the project be lowered in priority.  The concern is that lowering its priority and, in particular, moving it out of the VDOT Six Year Plan, may affect the availability of funding which could be used toward the study of the road concept (and alternatives).  A total of $1.55 million has accrued to the project to date (FY 04-05), with a FY 04-05 allocation of $27,600 shown in the proposed Six Year Plan. Staff does recommend that the description of the project be changed from a design and construction project to the following: “north-south connector road concept/alternatives to be studied in conjunction with the proposed eastern connector road as recommended in the proposed CHART.”


Georgetown Road - Staff re-prioritized Georgetown Road as priority 8, just ahead of Old Ivy Road as recommended by the Board.


Southern Parkway -The Board of Supervisors requested staff to review the possibility of moving the Southern Parkway up on the priority list. Staff recommends moving the project from priority 12 to priority 9, ahead of the Old Ivy Road, Grassmere Drive, and Old Sunset Road projects.  Project priority 10, Grassmere Road, will be completed within the year.  All other projects ranked ahead of this project are still considered a higher priority at this time by staff.


West Leigh and Corville Farm Roads – The Board of Supervisors requested these projects be removed from the priority list since they have been completed. Staff conferred with VDOT and was informed that these projects are required to remain in the VDOT Six Year Plan until all the funding is complete. While not required to be retained in the County’s Priority List, staff recommends that these roads continue to be shown so that both the County’s Priority List and VDOT’s Six Year Plan are consistent with one another.  Staff removed the County’s priority ranking for the projects on the County Priority List, but kept VDOT’s ranking.


 Attachment A incorporates all of the changes noted above. Attachment B is VDOT’s Six Year Construction Program. Staff will request VDOT to make changes upon final approval from the Board of Supervisors.



Staff will finalize changes to Draft Six Year Secondary Road Priority List 2004-2010 based on input from the public hearing and Board of Supervisors recommendation.



Attachment A County Draft Six Year Secondary Road Priority List 2004-2010     

Attachment B VDOT Draft Six Year Secondary Construction Program 2004-2010

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