Southern Urban Area B Study (JPA/Fontaine)

Project Advisory Group/Community Stakeholders

January 22, 2004

Room 246, County Office Building, 4 – 5:30 p.m.


Group Comments and Questions

[responses in brackets]


Additional interchange at I-64?  [this location would not meet Federal Highway standards for interchange intervals and the study won’t recommend it]


Was the new City zoning incorporated in the traffic modeling?  [yes]


What would the geometry be for Fontaine Main Street? [2 lanes, bike paths, sidewalks on each side, on-street parking in places – the exact design of the road will come later]


Reaction from UREF? 


Some Mill Creek residents feel that both connections (between 5th and Avon) are not needed – this needs to be addressed in the study

The study also needs to clarify for residents beneficial impacts to transit from having both connections


With the final presentation, make sure that stream protection/preservation is emphasized


Any thought of incorporating (light) rail?  [the railroad is very hard to work with, and we can’t count on the feasibility of light rail with our population]


The City’s greenway system shows trails along the railroad; it would be helpful to show these trails within the railroad corridor in the plan as support for dealing with the railroad later


The City has wrangled w/VDOT on the JPA Extd bridge design, in anticipation of rail potential


No new parks are shown yet on the plan; also, a school site is needed and the plan will address it


Completion/adoption of the study?  [yes, in the form of a CPA for the County Comp Plan, after review and approval by PACC]


There is a great amount of development in the County that has to get into the City – how will the City react to these traffic impacts?


Negative reaction to the City’s Corridor Study from affected neighborhoods – concerns about intensification along Fontaine from JPA Extd to Lewis


With UVa’s $25 million hospital expansion coming up, is this going to include housing and parking?  (this is an important linkage, one the study would support)


Did the study factor in the growth of UVa jobs (increase of 600 new jobs reported recently in the newspaper)?  Will these new employees be able to afford to live here?  [UVa isn’t the only university located in an expensive place; location-based mortgages are provided in other university communities and are being considered as a recommendation of this study] [approx. 1/3 of the reported new jobs are already here; the study did not precisely factor in these new jobs since the information wasn’t available until recently and it is not clear when they will actually be created]


When and where will the new elementary school be built?  [no location or date has been identified yet]


Mixed use shown on Observatory Road – not always popular with neighbors [study is following the City’s policies on this issue]


City neighborhoods also question the mixed-use redevelopment of the Piedmont housing area [university has been considering options for addressing the deteriorating condition of these structures]


Realigned Stadium Road stays as far east as possible – positive


Emphasize the importance of parks and the health of Moore’s Creek in the study; west side of O Hill/east side of 29/250 By-pass is critically important open space to the entire community; important to prioritize transportation improvements (Fontaine Main Street);

there are no numbers for Sunset Avenue within the City – did the study model Sunset without Fontaine Main Street (no – will look at this again – the vertical and horizontal curvature and right-of-way on Sunset make it very problematic for increased traffic, if the bridge were re-opened)


The Route 29 northbound west (left) turn onto I-64 west is a difficult turn, traffic stacks; trucks and other vehicles use Fontaine Avenue for a U-turn


Could we traffic-calm the 29/250  By-pass (noise impacts to adjacent neighborhoods)



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