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Mission Statement


Welcome to the official Web site of Albemarle County, Virginia. Our mission is to create and maintain a dynamic, interactive online government presence that educates and informs citizens and allows people to conduct business with the county in ways that increase our accessibility and customer service and improve our operational efficiency.  The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the County of Albemarle Web site does not become a public fora or limited public fora, but rather is maintained for the exclusive use of the County of Albemarle for communicating matters of general public interest via the Internet. 


Link Policy


The County site also provides, through links to external sites, information about cultural, educational and recreational activities in Albemarle County. 


The County Web site and all links are subject to control by the County.  Except as expressly permitted by the County of Albemarle, no link (explicit or implied) may be created from without the approval of the County of Albemarle Web Content Manager.  Such approval may be in any written from, including email correspondence.  The Web Content Manager may not grant any approval under this policy that is inconsistent with this County Link Policy. 


The County of Albemarle reviews all requests for links from the County's Web site to worldwide Web sites based on the following criteria and conditions:


1.        The Web site link will assist the County of Albemarle in fulfilling its stated Web site and general missions.

2.        The Web site link has a natural affinity or logical nexus to information printed on the County's official Web site and is consistent with County goals, policies and the mission of the County's Web site. 

3.        The County has adequate availability of system resources and personnel to monitor the proposed link.

4.        The requested link has a sufficient relationship and importance to the ordinary and necessary functioning of the County.

5.        The material contained on the linked site is significant and timely.

6.        The external Web site is managed in a professional manner (i.e., fully operational and available most of the time).


The County of Albemarle does not generally link to:


1.        Candidate sites or sites advocating a position on County, political or religious issues.

2.        Commercial or retail sites; however, exceptions may be made to the policy, at the sole discretion of the County, for companies or organizations associated with the County for programs, services or events. 

3.        Individual personal home pages, non-County newsletters, opinion sites or editorial sites.

4.        Sites with content written by many different people (e.g., chat rooms, interactive bulletin boards, etc...), which are not appropriately monitored or edited by the host or where participation criteria have not been posted on the site.

5.        Sites that are inappropriate or inconsistent with the County' criteria or which link (i.e., linked from the index of a requesting site's home page) to inappropriate sites (e.g., illegal activities including but not limited to gambling, graffiti, sites with obscene content such as X-rated descriptions or graphics) or sites which offend common standards of decency and propriety).


How the County Will Handle Requests for Links:


1.        When a request to a link is received, the site will be reviewed to determine if it is consistent with the County of Albemarle's mission statement and adopted criteria.

2.        The requesting organization will be notified of the County's decision regarding the requested link.  Sites that are linked from the County of Albemarle site will be reviewed periodically to confirm that linked Web site is still complying with the County's policies. 

3.        The County of Albemarle reserves the right to modify its criteria and conditions and add or delete links at any time without notice.


How to Request a Link from the County of Albemarle:


Send an email, forwarding the link request, or write to:


Web Content Manager

401 McIntire Road; 4th Floor
Charlottesville, VA 22902



Please include applicable URL, site description and purpose, contact name, phone number and e-mail address. 

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