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Census 2010 Results Announced

Albemarle County and Charlottesville announce the County as the winner of the friendly “Steaks vs. Spudnuts” challenge between the two jurisdictions regarding Census 2010 participation rates. 

Albemarle attained a mailback participation rate of 77% as of yesterday, and the City attained a rate of 72%.  Mayor Norris provided Chairperson Mallek with spudnut doughnut according to the terms of the challenge.  It is important to note that both the City and the County met or exceeded the national participation rate of 72% as of May 5.  The community is reminded that the Census 2010 counting effort continues with the next phase which involves census takers visiting local homes.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Door to Door Surveying:

Do I have to talk to the census taker?

Yes. Your participation in the 2010 Census is vital and required by law, (Section 221, of Title 13 of the U.S. Code). However, rather than rely on criminal charges, the Census Bureau is very successful in getting participation by explaining the importance of the questions we ask and how the information benefits our communities.

If a census taker visits you, here's what you should do:

First ask to see their ID. All census workers carry official government badges marked with just their name; they may also have a "U.S. Census Bureau" bag
Note that the census taker will never ask to enter your home

If you're still not certain about their identity, please call the Regional Census Centers to confirm they are employed by the Census Bureau.

Answer the census form questions for your entire household (you must be at least 15 years old to answer questions) so that the census taker can record the results for submission to the Census Bureau.

Census takers visit local homes several times to capture resident information for the 2010 Census. If you prefer, you can schedule a visit with your census taker. Should the census taker come when you are away from your home, they will leave a contact number. If a census taker has not visited your home or you have a question about your participation with the census, call your Census office.

Help for non-English speaking respondents
Census takers will have a flashcard containing a sentence about the 2010 Census written in approximately 50 languages. If a resident doesn't speak English, the census taker shows the flashcard to the resident, and the resident points to the language he/she speaks. A census crew Leader will then reassign the case to a person who speaks that language.

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