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Albemarle County Community Survey Results Now Available

This winter, Albemarle County conducted our biannual community survey. Survey responses inform strategic planning, resource allocation, and program offerings, but most importantly, the survey allows us to formally check-in with our customers – our community – to see how we are doing to deliver services. If you were one of the 2,400 people that participated in the survey – thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Participants responded to a wide-range of questions to measure opinions about:
  • Quality of life in Albemarle
  • Satisfaction with County services and preferences for tax allocation
  • Barriers and level of access to resources and assets within the county understand residents’ sense of belonging and preferences for inclusion
  • Growth and development

Over 1,500 respondents participated through a probability-based sampling. The remainder of respondents participated via an open call to our community to add their voice.


Some key findings:
  • 90% of respondents said overall quality of life was Excellent or Good
  • 80% of respondents rated the quality of County services as Excellent or Good
  • 78% of respondents are Very Satisfied or Somewhat Satisfied with the value of services for their tax dollars, although responses differed along demographic lines
  • 73% of respondents consider it Important or Very Important for the County to support economic development
  • 69% of respondents reported a high sense of belonging in Albemarle County
  • 46% of respondents expect quality of life in the county to get worse and 33% expect it will stay the same over the next 5 years. Respondents are concerned about the pace of growth, traffic congestion, and affordable housing.

We appreciate the opportunity to reflect on this feedback and will work over the next several weeks to digest the data and plan for how to address our areas for improvement.

The survey was administered in partnership with the Center for Survey Research of the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia. 

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