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Albemarle County Electoral Board Wants to Help Voters Know What to Expect at the Polls

In order to avoid long lines at the polls on Election Day, the Electoral Board is eager to ensure that Albemarle County voters are aware of all the questions that will appear on the general election ballot and know how they plan to vote before arriving at the polls. 

On November 8th, the ballot in Albemarle County will include not just candidates for President of the United States and for the House of Representatives, but also two proposed amendments to the Constitution of Virginia and a question on whether the County should issue general obligation bonds to finance improvements at school facilities. Voters can find official language of the constitutional amendment and bond referendum questions by visiting /department.asp?department=registrar&relpage=2937.  

“It is so important for voters to read and understand what each question means so they know how they plan to vote before arriving at the polls – failure to do so may lead to longer lines,” said Electoral Board Chair, Peter Wurzer. “We also suggest paying attention to related commentary in the local media and by civic organizations to become more informed.”

Additionally, if you have not voted since the last presidential election in 2012 it is important to know about these important changes:

  • Photo identification is required by all voters in order to cast a ballot.
  • Albemarle County has instituted a digital scanning, paper ballot voting system which provides a paper trail and the ability to go back to actual ballots for recount if required. Digital ballot-scanning machines are never connected to the internet in any way and before each election, all voting machines are programmed and tested, and party observers are invited to attend and observe the programming and testing.

Over 400 dedicated Officers of Election (Democrats, Republicans, and independents) have been trained by the Albemarle County Electoral Board, and have sworn an oath to uphold the election laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Voters can check their registration status and polling place location for the November 8, 2016 election by visiting You can also find the location of your polling place by calling the Albemarle County Registrar at 434-972-4173 and providing your name and current address.

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