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Four Seasons Pond - Silt Removal Project

Albemarle County will be resuming construction activities related to the removal of accumulated sediment and debris in the Four Seasons Pond, located on Four Seasons Drive, adjacent ACAC Adventure Central and across from the North Woods at Four Seasons garden apartments and townhomes.The project involves the removal of accumulated sediment and debris in order to increase pond depth, reduce summer algae blooms, and generally improve the water quality and overall attractiveness of the pond. It will also help the County meet mandated reductions in pollutant discharges to State waters.

Project steps include:

  • modifying the outfall structure and constructing channels in the pond bottom
  • dewatering the pond and allowing the sediment to dry out
  • constructing access pathways and a truck ramp into the northern end of the pond
  • using a "long-reach" excavator, removing and hauling off approximately 180 to 200 truckloads of material
  • re-grading the pond bottom and re-filling the pond
  • re-planting vegetation disturbed by the project and restoring grass cover
  • re-stocking the pond with appropriate fish

Project Schedule:
Construction activities will resume on Monday, June 30th, 2014. Excavating will begin at the north end of the pond for approximately one week and continue at the south end of the pond thereafter for another one - two weeks. Approximately 40 trucks per day will be entering and exiting the site during this time. Work and final restoration of the site is expected to be completed by August 30th. Work will start at approximately 7:30 AM and end at approximately 7:00 PM daily.
No work will occur on July 4th or over the July 4th weekend.  
NOTICE: Drivers are asked to use caution and to be aware of trucks entering Four Seasons Drive during this project. 
Please direct any questions, comments or concerns to the project manager at:

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