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Albemarle County Police Department Welcomes New K-9

The Albemarle County Police Department is pleased to introduce you to our newest K-9, Cleo. Cleo will eventually replace our current bomb dog, Drak, who is easing into retirement.

Cleo is a 5 ½ year old black lab. She was given to us by the U.S. Marine Corp. She served two tours of duty as a bomb dog in Afghanistan. After her service with the Marines, Cleo and many other military bomb dogs were opened up for adoption to local law enforcement agencies. She was given to the agency free of charge, with only a $5 notary fee for the documentation.

Cleo and her handler, Officer Bill Saulle, have been training together to transition Cleo into her new role as a police bomb dog. The pair attended two weeks of training in Richmond and Cleo is now certified with the Virginia Police Work Dog Association and also with the Virginia State Police.

As a bomb dog, Cleo will be assisting in calls across the region. She will be working major events like Foxfield, dignitary visits and airport searches. Cleo is already responding to calls for service in our community.

Cleo joins three other dogs in our K-9 Unit. Bink is a patrol dog and is trained to search vehicles and buildings for narcotics. Lulu is a Bloodhound tracker who specializes in searches for missing people. Drak is a bomb dog who will be working with Cleo as she transitions into her new role. Drak is certified until 2015 but is in the process of retiring due to old age and health concerns.

The K-9 Unit is a valuable asset to the ACPD and also our community. We are thrilled to have Cleo joining our team!

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