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Change in Regulations Regarding Inoperable Vehicles Goes Into Efffect January 1, 2014

Albemarle County is announcing a change in regulations regarding the storage and screening of inoperable vehicles that will go into effect on January 1, 2014. These changes are the most recent effort by the County aimed at improving community appearance and quality of life, which have also included enforcement of uncontrolled vegetation on vacant properties and removal of illegal signs along the County’s entrance corridors.

The most critical changes to the regulations include a reduction in the number of permitted inoperable vehicles and the introduction of specific standards for vehicle setbacks and screening in residential districts. An inoperable vehicle is defined as a vehicle that is not in operating condition, lacks a valid license plate or inspection sticker, or has an inspection decal that has been expired for over 60 days.

Major provisions of the revised regulations include the following:

On properties in residential zoning districts residents may keep one inoperable vehicle outside of an enclosed building and must completely cover or screen the vehicle from view at ground level from surrounding properties.

Acceptable forms of screening include a form-fitting vehicle cover, wood fence, evergreen hedge, or masonry wall.

Tarps will no longer be permitted as vehicle covers.

In addition to being covered or screened, inoperable vehicles must also be kept behind any face of the house that has frontage on a street.

Rural Area properties will not be affected by the change. A complete copy of the regulations can be found in Sections 9-500 Adobe Acrobat PDF file and 18-4.12.3 Adobe Acrobat PDF file of the Albemarle County Code. Please contact Community Development at (434) 296-5832 with any questions or concerns or to have County staff speak to your neighborhood group about the new inoperable vehicle regulations.

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