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Albemarle County Police Warn of Scam Spree that Targets the Elderly

Albemarle County Police have received a number of calls and complaints regarding scams that are targeting the elderly in the area. 

The scams vary in form and fashion but include phone calls, on-line offers and home visits/requests.  One particular scam targets grandparents, with people calling pretending to be the victim’s grandchildren.  The suspects say they are on vacation and have been in an accident and need money to pay for the medical bills.  Most of the victims in this scam have lost between $500 and $1,000.

Another scam we are seeing targets the elderly by phone.  The suspect says they work for a Social Security company and are calling to reissue the victim a new card.  They often provide the victim with some basic information but ask for their bank account and routing information to activate the card.  We are advising people not to provide their baking information, especially your routing information. 

Some suspects are knocking on doors in Albemarle County, saying their car broke down and they need help paying for the towing.  In this particular fraud, the person tells the victim they are a neighbor and just need to “borrow” the money. 

In addition to these reports the Albemarle County Police Department is investigating on-line scams and government refund scams.  We would like to remind the public to be wary of any suspicious requests.  Many of these scams specifically target the elderly so we encourage you to make your family and friends aware of the threat. 

If you are a victim or hear about another scam, please contact the Albemarle County Police Department at 434-296-5807.

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