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Albemarle County Offers New Regional Native Plant Web Database

Albemarle County’s Natural Heritage Committee, local native plant experts and County staff have created a comprehensive list of the best growing, commercially available and most showy native plants that are found in Albemarle County. This list of native plants is available as an online searchable database at

The native plant web tool will be a valuable resource for staff, residents and the development community because of the ability to find the right plant from local nurseries based on location and needs.

The demand for this list was first driven by a steady stream of requests for plant recommendations for stormwater management facilities. The functionality of this web tool has now grown beyond just a stormwater application to now include searchable features such as bloom times by month, flower and foliage colors, height and spread of plants, deer and groundhog resistance and attractiveness to pollinators and butterfly caterpillars.

Only a few communities in the country have developed a similar native plant database specific to their local area. County staff will be introducing the database to neighboring localities and regional partners and will continue to update the data behind the web tool to meet future needs.

If you have any comments about the native plants database, send an email to:

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