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Critical Water Resource Projects Get Underway this Spring

Albemarle County will begin a series of water resource improvement projects this spring with the help of major funding assistance from state and federal grants.  These projects will qualify as stormwater retrofit activities that may soon be mandated by the Chesapeake Bay TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) Water Implementation Plan.  Construction of the improvements at this time will allow the County to leverage existing and accumulated funds  in the current  favorable bidding and construction climate.

The Woodbrook Lagoons Enhancement project will divert, temporarily store, and filter runoff from two urban streams within a county-owned property adjacent to the Woodbrook neighborhood.  This project includes the enhancement of onsite wetlands, stream improvements, and vegetation management. 

The Crozet Stormwater Wetlands project will create a new facility to treat stormwater from a 55-acre watershed in the downtown area of Crozet prior to discharging into Powell’s Creek and will manage runoff from existing areas and serve future downtown development.

The County Office Building parking lot biofilter project will create a vegetated biofilter adjacent to McIntire Road that will capture and treat runoff from the majority of the building’s lower parking lot which currently flows untreated directly into an underground box culvert that becomes Schenk’s Branch.

These projects are all necessary for improving stream health within the county, and constructing them now in the way they are being planned allows the County to take advantage of grant funding that will offset about a third, or $600,000, of the total project costs and to build in the best possible construction environment.   Construction on this group of projects is expected to begin this spring, with work on the County Office Building parking lot biofilter likely to start first.

Contact:  Greg Harper, Water Resources Manager

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