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Board Appoints Foley as New County Executive Effective January 1, 2011

The Board of Supervisors is pleased to announce the appointment of Assistant County Executive Tom Foley to succeed Bob Tucker as County Executive for Albemarle County effective immediately upon Mr. Tucker’s retirement on December 31, 2010.

The Board has been aware of Mr. Tucker’s retirement decision for quite some time and has been seriously considering and evaluating the best option for filling this critical position. Board members have had the opportunity to observe Mr. Foley in a variety of situations dealing with a broad range of critical issues for a number of years and have complete confidence in his skills and abilities to serve as County Executive.

Mr. Foley has 21 years of local government experience including 19 years as either a county administrator or assistant county executive, this includes 11 years as Assistant County Executive for Albemarle County where he has supervised all functions except human services.  He has also served eight years as an administrator in two other Virginia counties.  He is a credentialed manager with the International City/County Management Association.

The Board has identified many strong advantages that Mr. Foley’s appointment brings to the county.  He has demonstrated exceptional performance and leadership by spearheading major organizational initiatives including developing a Five Year Financial Plan process, improving  strategic planning and performance management, leading the replacement of the County’s automated Financial Management System and the consolidation of three departments into the Department of Community Development.  He has also established good working relationships with regional partners like the City of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia. The appointment provides stability and continuity of leadership during challenging economic times and allows for a smooth and seamless transition with no familiarization period or learning curve required. 

The Board emphasizes that this was not a quick decision but rather was arrived at after careful and thorough consideration of a number of different options, including a search for external candidates.  Ultimately the Board’s familiarity with and confidence in Mr. Foley’s skills and abilities as demonstrated consistently over time made his selection the best choice for the organization and the community.  In the Board’s opinion, the best test of what a person can do is what they have done and Mr. Foley’s long tenure with the County has provided an opportunity to assess his actual performance that is not  possible with other potential candidates.

In announcing this appointment, the Board wants to express its very sincere appreciation for Bob Tucker’s outstanding leadership and guidance during his very successful 21 years as the County Executive.  The Board also thanks Mr. Tucker for his effort and attention in succession planning and ensuring that we have such a qualified and experienced successor to advance into the position of County Executive and offers congratulations to Mr. Foley on his appointment.

Tom Foley Background Information

Career Highlights

  • 21 years of local government experience
  • 19 years Virginia local government management experience as either a County Administrator or Assistant County Executive
    • 11 years experience as Assistant County Executive in Albemarle – supervising all functions but human services
    • 8 years as a County Administrator in two other Virginia Counties (Caroline and Cumberland Counties)
  • ICMA  (International City/County Management Association) Credentialed  Manager
  • Staff Associate, Virginia Association of Counties, Richmond, Virginia, October 1989 – May 1991
  • Master of Public Administration, May 1993,Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA and Bachelor of Business Administration, May 1985, Marshall University, Huntington, WVA

Key Experiences

  • has  spearheaded major organizational initiatives over the past 11 years including 
    • capital program and financial management including implementing Five Year Financial Plan process.
    • improvements in strategic planning,  performance management and other organizational improvements
    • initiated and led consolidation of three departments into the Department of Community Development; initiated and led establishment of County’s first Fire/Rescue and General Services Departments and Office of Facilities Development. 
  • provides stability and continuity of leadership during challenging economic times
  • allows for a seamless transition to the County Executive position with no learning curve required, immediately able to assume leadership in budget development and other critical issues
  • has established successful working relationships with regional partners including the City of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia

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