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Welcome to the Human Resources Documents Center. Documents may be in various formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF). Links are provided at the bottom of this page if you need to download free viewers. Please note that State and Federal forms are not posted on this Web site. While there may be links pointing you to the appropriate State or Federal documents throughout this site, the County of Albemarle only maintains information specific to its locality. If you encounter a problem with any of these forms or cannot find the forms you need, please email Human Resources.


Once you click on the link to the file or page, you may be asked to log into the County of Albemarle Inside Albemarle Intranet site by entering your username, password, and possibly your domain. If so, enter them as follows:

Username: schls\your username
Password: your password (the same one you use to sign onto your computer)

Username: albemarle\your username
Password: your password (the same one you use to sign onto your computer)
NOTE: If you still use a COB account, enter the username as COB\your username. Other employees, i.e., ECC, should also use their domain.

Click on the OK button and the page or file should open.

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Adobe Acrobat PDF Blended Rate Calculator.pdf
(298 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Direct Deposit.pdf
(114 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Payroll Deadlines 2015.pdf
(282 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Paystub Sample.pdf
(597 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Pay Option Form.pdf
(22 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Request for Salary Change Form.pdf
(25 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Tax Form Links.pdf
(0.01 MB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Weekly Timesheet.pdf
(407 KB)
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