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Welcome to the Albemarle County Building and Inspections Documents Center where you will find the application for Building Permits and other Building and Inspection related forms.

Questions regarding this information should be directed to the Department of Community Development. You may reach the Department by calling 434-296-5832 or by Emailing the Department

Documents are in PDF format and must be viewed with a PDF Reader; see link below to download a free plug-in. Please note that State and Federal forms are not posted on this Website.

Community Development Documents
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(366 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Addressing Handout.pdf
(29 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Affidavit Not a Contractor.pdf
(90 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Affidavit Regarding a Structure that is not a Dwelling Unit.pdf
(19 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Affidavit Regarding Removal of a Dwelling Unit or Conversion of a Dwelling Unit to an Accessory Use.pdf
(19 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Affidavit Regarding Two Kitchens in One Dwelling.pdf
(75 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Building Permit.pdf
(197 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Building Permit Fees Updated 7 01 09.pdf
(50 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Building Permit Process.pdf
(61 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Building Sub Contractors.pdf
(550 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Builing Permit Application Process.pdf
(111 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Critical Resourse Map Notice to Building Permit Applicants in the Rural Areas 03 24 08.pdf
(312 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Early Service Agreement Form.pdf
(27 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Erosion & Sediment Control Complaint Form.pdf
(74 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Erosion Sediment Control Agreement for Single Family Residence Construction Responsible Land Disturber 10 14.pdf
(149 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Farm Building Exemption Form.pdf
(29 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Health Department Exsiting Sewage Disposal.pdf
(129 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Residential Building Permit Handout.pdf
(420 KB)
Microsoft Word Document Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan SWPPP Single Family template.doc
(189 KB)
(471 KB)
Adobe Acrobat PDF Tier I Personal Wireless Service Facility Application Building Permit.pdf
(330 KB)
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