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Woodbrook Lagoons Enhancement Project

The Woodbrook Lagoons Enhancement Project is a capital project being carried out under the Water Resources Improvement Program.  The potential for this project has been long recognized and was identified in the Stormwater Management Master Plan – a document that was existing wet meadow at the Woodbrook siteincorporated in the Comprehensive Plan by the Board of Supervisors in 2005.  The purpose of the project is to utilize a County-owned property located just south of the Woodbrook neighborhood to reduce the impact of urban runoff to downstream water resources and provide ecological enhancements to onsite natural resources. 

Two urbanized streams, having a combined watershed of approximately 225 acres, converge on a 7.66-acre, County-owned parcel.  An abandoned sanitary lagoon and abandoned stormwater basin lie within the parcel; both contain partially-forested wetlands.  The unnamed channel immediately downstream of the site is documented to have many sections of severe bank erosion and poor biological health.  Farther downstream, the Rivanna River has been listed as impaired due to bacteria.

The project goals are as follows:

Primary goals:
-  provide the most cost-effective water quality benefits to the waters downstream of the site
-  preserve or enhance onsite wetlands, streams, and uplands to the greatest extent possible
- create educational opportunities and facilitate access

Secondary goals:
- minimize or eliminate mitigation requirements
- utilize existing grades
- no increase in the 100-year flood elevation
- effectively manage watershed trash, debris and sediment
- enhance site aesthetics

 concept drawing of Woodbrook Lagoons Enhancement Project

Design: Biohabitats / Construction: J.E. Liesfeld

Woodbrook Plan Set  (6,190 KB)  - construction drawings for Woodbrook Lagoons Enhancement Project

Additional information about the project - from a May 19, 2011 interview with Greg Harper - can be found at the Woodbrook Neighborhood Blog.


construction of inflow weir (allows stormwater into system behind sand berm) (July 11)
construction of inflow weir

construction of sand berm (November 11)
construction of sand berm

instream weirs will reverse deepened stream channel and cause water to spread out in floodplain (November 29)
 instream weir

finished sand berm; stored water on left will be filtered as it passes through sand (November 29)
finished sand berm

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