Water Resources Management  |  STAFF CONTACTS

The region's water resources are protected by a variety of programs administered by staff from several County departments and outside organizations.  The following table should help you to find the right person to ask specific questions.

Question or Issue Department/Agency Staff Contacts Phone/ Extention
If you observe significant spills or discharges of pollutants (gas, paint, etc.) into a stormwater inlet, channel, or stream, please call 911.
County programs and staff
phone: (434) 296-5832, then extension shown below
  • land development regulations
  • floodplains
  • stream buffer or channel disturbance
  • groundwater rules
Department of Community Development

Glenn Brooks

County Engineer

  • erosion and sediment control issues
  • construction inspection

Kenny Thacker

Erosion Control Officer

  • program development and administration
  • capital improvement program
  • MS4 permit administration
  • dam compliance
  • drainage issues
  • demonstration projects
  • other general inquiries

Department of
General Services

Water Resources

Greg Harper

Water Resources Manager

  • TMDL action planning
  • drainage issues

Stavros Calos

Water Resources Engineer 

  • stormwater facility inspections
  • stormwater facility maintenance
  • vegetation for stormwater management and erosion control

 Repp Glaettli

Water Resources Specialist


David Lockledge

Water Resources Inspector

 Other organizations
  • illegal or suspicious dumping
Rivanna Regional Stormwater Education Partnership    975-0224
  • drainage issues within or along State-maintained roadways
Virginia Department of Transportation   (800) 367-7623
  • water quality assessments
  • leaking underground storage tanks
  • other pollution sources
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality  

(804) 527-5020

  • urban water system
  • sanitary sewer system
Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority
Albemarle County Service Authority

977-2970 or 

  • wells (permitting, water quality)
Virginia Department of Health   972-6259