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 Suggested Travel Trails/Agritourism

Monticello Artisan Trail
The Monticello Artisan Trail includes the beautiful landscapes of Nelson County and Albemarle County. Travel the Monticello Trail and discover the beauty of the mountains and valleys that local artisans call home. A wonderful place to explore with family and friends, it will surely create lasting memories.

Monticello Wine Trail
Discover the Birthplace of American Wine. The Commonwealth of Virginia is the 5th largest producer of wine in the United States, with the Monticello Wine Trail as its crown-jewel, truly fulfilling Jefferson’s vision of winemaking in Virginia. The Monticello Wine Trail remains the wine world’s best kept secret, where

boutique wineries produce small quantities of high-quality wines, shared with family, friends and visitors.

Brew Ridge Trail
Popular craft breweries are creating phenomenal product in scenic locations, of course, Albemarle County is one! Many other craft breweries and distilleries can be found on the
Brew Ridge Trail.

Monticello Golf Trail
Green Golfing takes on a whole new meaning with the addition of the World’s First Green Golf Trail, the
Monticello Golf Trail, you can enjoy the game and maintain your commitment to environmental sustainability.