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Thank you for your interest in the County’s strategic planning efforts.

Throughout Albemarle County’s FY17 budget process, and for the past several years, you have heard that the growing expectations and service needs in our County outpace our available resources. During the budget process, as the Board and staff reviewed projected expenditures and revenues, it became clear that we need to refine our budget approach to more closely align County services with the most important community values. While we have always aligned our budget with our community’s values, this priority-driven budgeting process takes that one step further.

This spring, the Board of Supervisors started on an important journey which began the critical task of prioritizing community objectives. Their work, along with your input, will provide a clearer and more helpful framework for decision making on major financial issues. Where are we headed on this journey? Continuing our progress towards a budget that puts identified priorities first and emphasizes accountability, innovation, and partnerships. In short, Albemarle County is working with you to put additional building blocks in place to plan for a sustainable future that provides realistic balance between revenues and expenditures and which reflects our community’s goals.

From July 29 - August 31 the public had the opportunity to provide feedback about the work that has been done to-date, illustrated in the slideshow below. This feedback will be reviewed and shared in September, when the Board will continue its work to further clarify and refine the strategic objectives. Click on the link on the right, under "highlights" or below to review a PDF of the feedback we recieved.


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There’s a lot more work left to do in this process. Check out this roadmap to see what the future milestones in our priority-driven budgeting process look like! Hint: you can click on the roadmap to view a larger version.

Priority Driven Budgeting Roadmap


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