Strategic Plan

Thank you for your interest in the County’s strategic planning efforts.

The Board of Supervisors has formally engaged in the County’s strategic planning efforts since 2001. Strategic planning is considered a best practice and is a critical component of the adopted excellence framework under which the County operates. The County’s strategic plan helps to link many inputs, including the Comprehensive Plan and other significant drivers, to ultimately determine resource allocation. To focus on this strategic work, the Board has typically held annual one-day retreats in the summer/fall to provide clear direction to staff on its strategic priorities. Every five years, the plan is fully reconsidered and the other annual meetings serve as priority setting sessions by the Board within the context of the strategic plan, as well as an assessment of progress.

A thriving County, anchored by a strong economy and excellent education system, that honors its rural heritage, scenic beauty and natural and historic resources while fostering attractive and vibrant communities.

To enhance the well-being and quality of life for all citizens through the provision of the highest level of public service consistent with the prudent use of public funds.


  • Integrity: We value our customers and co-workers by always providing honest and fair treatment.
  • Innovation: We embrace creativity and positive change.
  • Stewardship: We honor our role as stewards of the public trust by managing our natural, human and financial resources respectfully and responsibly.
  • Learning: We encourage and support lifelong learning and personal and professional growth.

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of the FY 15-17 Strategic Goals and Objectives.

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