Police Department  |  Physical Agility Test


Officer running through course

Officer running through course

Officer running through course

The Physical Agility Test for the position of Police Officer consists of various job related physical activities. These activities are set out in an obstacle course design. The activities will be conducted continuously from start to finish.

This is a PASS/FAIL test and is used as an additional determining factor in evaluating you as an applicant.  This test must be completed within three minutes and thirty seconds.
During the test you will be required to wear certain equipment worn by patrol officers. (Total added weight of 9 to 13 pounds)


Every applicant must wear the following equipment:
Police gun belt and weapon
Police portable radio
Police ballistic vest

clipart image of equipment

1. Applicant begins test seated in police vehicle, door closed, and seatbelt fastened.
2.  Exit vehicle, jump/climb a six foot barrier. (This step determines whether the candidate can pull himself or herself up on any type of object)
3.  Complete a one-quarter mile run/walk, making various turns. (This step simulates a foot pursuit with direction changes)
4.  Jump a simulated five-foot wide culvert/ditch.
5.  Drag/Carry a human simulator (150 lbs. in weight) a distance of fifty feet. (After locating either an injured person or apprehending a criminal suspect, an officer is required to pull or carry the subject from the location of the incident in order to save the person's life, or to keep the person from receiving further injury, or to affect an arrest)
6.  Draw and Dry-Fire the Police weapon five times with the strong-hand only and five times with the weak-hand only. (Police Officers must have the finger and hand strength to hold the police pistol in one hand while pulling the trigger)


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