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Accident Reconstruction
Officers in the Traffic Unit utilize a variety of sophisticated equipment in the investigation of serious accidents.  Our officers use special electronic hand held lasers and complex computer mapping systems to generate precise factual diagrams of collision scenes.  These diagrams are used to determine vehicle speeds and directions of travel.  Complex algebraic, geometric and trigonometric calculations are performed during the course of the investigations.  In order to better understand and investigate collisions, skilled traffic officers are trained and educated in various field of science, including kinetics and Newtonian physics. 
In an efforts to reduce traffic collisions, accident trends are tracked and enforcement efforts are focused in those areas found to be prone to collisions.  Officers enforce traffic laws aimed at reducing our collision and injury rates using vehicles equipped with radar or laser speed determining devices.  All of our officers who use this equipment have completed state approved instruction and have been tested on their ability to accurately use it.

Traffic Unit Motorcycles
The Police Motorcycle Squad was formed in 1992 with the purchase of two Harley Davidson motorcycles.  The motorcycles have become an invaluable resource allowing officers to enforce traffic violations that otherwise may avoid detection.  Highly maneuverable, the motorcycles are indispensable during periods of heavy traffic congestion.  The motorcycles are also used during high profile activities such as dignitary visits and funeral escorts.  Officers assigned to the Motorcycle Squad are members of the Traffic Unit who are specially selected, equipped, and trained.  The Harley Davidson motorcycles have since been replaced with the current BMW police motorcycles. 

Commerical Motor Vehicle Enforcement
Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Enforcement is the enforcement of federal, state, and local laws as they relate to vehicles licensed to carry over 26,000 pounds, hazardous materials in bulk, or 15 or more passengers for hire.  CMV enforcement had previously been an exclusive responsibility of the Virginia State Police.  After 9/11 the U.S. Department of Transportation expanded the scope and responsibilities of CMV enforcement to individual localities.  The Albemarle County Police Department has been involved in commercial motor vehicle inspections since October 2004.  These inspections are done through traffic stops as well as the static operation of checking stations throughout the county.  Our agency works closely with the Virginia State Police, who provide much of our training, and the Department of Motor Vehicles, who provide the necessary forms and equipment for weight enforcement.  




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